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When to get blood tests?

Hi knowledgeable people, I will have been on NDT for 1 month next week, having stopped 175mcg levo. My query is should I get bloods done at 4 weeks to see where I am? I am self medicating, private bloods. So far I am utterly crap but I understand these things take time, I also only started supplements at the same time as NDT so lots of changes. Only found out I have hashimoto's from private bloods a month ago, I just keep reading and learning and adjusting. Onward and upward but miserable while I try and get some control.

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Skyebeardie Four weeks is too soon really. It takes six weeks for the levo to completely leave your body, so it's best to wait until six weeks is up.

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Thanks seasidesusie, I wasn't sure.


Six weeks is best practice. Although with NDT some just keep raising the dose every few weeks till you reach about 3 grains and then start regular testing. With my own I am very cautious, though, and have tested for every raise - partly because a good doctor had told me I might require a very low dose.


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