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Multiple Sclerosis with Thyroid

It is along time since I have written a request to this forum asking for help and advise ?

I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis since 2008. This disability is a gradual process of rendering me with weak limbs and an aching body. But most all being constantly tired and fatigued.

My older sibling by 4 years also has the same type of MS. She has to take daily 20mcg Thyroxine. Her lab test came back as borderline, yet her Doctor prescribed medicines.

I live in a different part of the country and had a lab test done, that came back borderline and my GP refuses to give me some.

I have tried a very low dosage of 20 mcg from family and friends and found it to be absolutely brilliant, giving me so much more energy, joyfulness and life. Also not feeling sad and depressed.

Other benefits were healing dry spots on my skin and my whole demeanour of feeling well for the first in ages.

Can someone out there point me in the right direction where or who can supply me with this wonder drug, as it really does provide me with so much relief !

With much gratitude & thanks.

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Can you clarify whether you took 20mcg Liothyronine or 25mcg Levothyroxine?

Hello there, thank you for replying to my question and sorry for not getting back to you any sooner.

All I know of the medicine that it's Thyroxine 25 mcg.

I hope this clarifies to what you want to know.



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