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My little girl who's 8 has all the signs of hypothyroidism and also is borderline with test results but the consultant won't treat her. She also has alopecia that's connected to trouble with thyroid (the dermatologist's words) still no treatment except for her hair problem. What can we do or where can we take her next? Anyone who has a clue we'd really appreciate help,thanks.

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I'm so sorry, It's bad enough for us adults to try to sort this out. (blood test levels can be different for children, but it's basically the same problem - in my humble opinion). Are you hypo too? as it does tend to run in families.

An endocrinologist is the next step for adults.

Meanwhile have you considered asking for iron/ferritin folate/b12 and Vitamin D tests - worth eliminating any deficiencies first. Hair loss and low iron (ferritin is the storage sort) this does seem to crop up a lot, but of course it could be due to many other things, but just trying to help. My grand-daughter was 9 last week and as mum (daughter) was Vit D deficient, she found Vit D supplements helped her & kids (but sunshine is better) Jane :D


As Jane said it's bad enough for us adults to have to suffer let alone an 8 year old child- bless her! I like many others on this site have spent years attempting to fight my way through the GPs and Specialists that think they are some sort of God. It sounds like the dermatologist is on your side and has an understanding of hypothyroidism, could you contact her/him and explain that your specialist won't help you because she's borderline? Or how about going to another consultant, you are entitled to get a second opinion if you so wish. It has made me really angry to think that a poor little 8 year old girl has got to put up with this awful disease and nobody is trying to help her. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but good luck and Godbless you all.



Contact me for the list of 'Good' NHS Endos - not sure if any are kid centred, but they may be better than the one you have. We also have a Private doc who specialises in children.

Can I also suggest that you contact the BTF, they have more children specific info than we do. :-) And ask for a referral to a paediatrician.



Ps - BIG hug for you both. xxx


Hi I would try and get a referral to a children`s hospital , edno. Usually they are much better at treating children.My Grand daughter used to see a very good one at GOSH. Make sure she has had all the surrounding tests especially FT3. and T4 and not just TSH. The endos she saw should have done these but check and have a print out + ranges. Phone consultants secretary. You are entitled. Always have copies of all blood tests with ranges ( vary) and letters, GP bloods too.

All the very best to you both.



Hi jess has been to four different children's consultants upto now as they keep testing for different things she's had the tsh test also the ft3 both say she's borderline she also has all! The symtoms tired,weight gain, hair loss , achy, depression, she's stopped growing and they think that's nothing but to me it's a sign something's definatley not right! She's a twin and we also one of 5 and none of them have any problems like this were just so determined to get jess help as I can't imagine how rubbish she feels everyday waking up like this thank you all for ur responses it means a lot to us Louise I will be contacting you thanks x Stella.


Sorry just to add jess' nan is hypo and all her grandads sister we think her dad is he's never been tested for it but her nans had it since being a child x


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