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Subclinical hypo testing TSH again this wk but I don't feel too bad at present!

Subclinical hypo testing TSH again this wk but I don't feel too bad at present!

My TSH was 5.1 two months ago (upper range limit 4.5) but my T4 in range at the lower end. Last yr my TSH was 3. I'm being retested this wk.

I'm thinking my results this wk may be more favourable. My energy isn't too bad. I'm not as achey and cold as I can be. And not many headaches either.

All good but I've been on and off unwell for 3.5 yrs and would like to get an explanation rather than being handed more and more painkillers or told it's all normal. My mum was diagnosed hypo at my age.

What do you think of my B12 and folate from a couple of months ago (see photo) I've only just got these today.

Some other more recent developments are; my joints are aching slightly. My muscles feel sore randomly. Like I've worked out. This has been normal for my upper body neck and head but now it's more likely all over as if my headaches have moved down. My foot and hand buzzes and fizzes. Sometimes I'm numb a bit one side.

My last 3 periods 2.5 wks apart?!?!

I'm not overweight. I have tons of hair. I don't eat gluten. Hardly any grains or sugar or alcohol or I feel worse.

My mum thinks it's because it's a funny age for me. I'm 44.

Can anyone throw me any clues. I feel that my tests will show as no action but I want so much to move forward with my health now. I have very young children. Please advise if you can.

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I don't know why the photo shows as so clipped. It says serum folate first, serum vitamin B12 second. Thanks 😊



Arrange your thyroid blood test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) because TSH drops after eating and drinking.

If your FT4 is still low and your TSH high that will probably be why your muscles are sore and joints are aching. Low vitamin D and low iron can cause musculoskeletal pain too so ask your GP to check vitD and ferritin levels.

In the meantime, you can supplement magnesium citrate or use magnesium oil spray or take Epsom Salt baths to relieve aching muscles and joints.

B12 368 isn't too low but there can be deficiency <500 so you could supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin to raise B12 and take a B Complex vitamin which will also give folate a little boost.

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Thanks so much. I certainly will do all of that πŸ’™


I've had my test 8am and fasting. It's TSH and antibodies...see what happens. I've ordered the B12. Looks like I had some 25 + tests and it's just this TSH one that seems off. I didn't have a vit D or ferritin. HB was low end 12.6 (bottom range 12) Should I get tested further for iron and vit D?




It's a shame you didn't have vitD and ferritin tested this morning. Post your TSH and antibody results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) in a new question for advice.


Ok. Hopefully I will know tomorrow. Thanks so much.


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