Hashimotos & TSH

I got a private blood test done in January and thyroglobulin was raised, therefore after 30+ years of having Hypothyroid, I now know its Hashimotos. My problem now is that my GP knows my TSH is around 0.05 (0.40 - 4.00) and is trying to reduce my T3 dose which is currently 40mcg a day. I got sent to an Endo because of this low TSH and again she wants to reduce my T3 down to 30mcg a day. I am definitely not having any symptoms of over medication as far as I know. I never feel warm, get stressed and anxious easily, bowels certainly not loose. What are the symptoms of over medication?

The last NHS blood test also shows my Free T3 as 9.1 (3.20 - 5.90) and Free T4 <1.3 (10.60 - 21). If my NHS blood tests are showing that I'm overly medicated but I don't feel overly medicated, what should I do now? I'm getting desperate over this complete muddle around my health which just goes on and on and on.

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  • Marigold22,

    How long did you leave between last T3 dose and blood draw?

  • Sorry, have thought again. I didn't take my morning full dose on the day of the blood test, so at least 24 hours.

  • Marigold22,

    In that case you are very over medicated to have FT3 9.1. Even if you don't feel over medicated you should consider reducing dose until FT3 is <5.90. High FT3 increases the risks of developing atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis.

  • Thank you for your reply. It must be something else wrong with me in that case as I'm not feeling at all good. Am I correct in saying - with Thyroid Hormone Resistance, the T3 can be swishing around in the blood (hence showing very low TSH) BUT the thyroid hormone is not getting into the thyroid cells?

  • Marigold22,

    You could be feeling unwell because you are over medicated. Read thyroid.about.com/od/thyroi...

    My understanding is that high TSH and high FT4 indicates resistance to thyroid hormone not high FT3. Low TSH and high FT3 indicates over medication.

  • Thank you Clutter

  • At least twelve hours

  • hear ya

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