T3 and T4 with very low tsh levels

Hi can anyone help please

I am taking 125mg of t4 and 75mg of t3 by tsh levels are non existent my doctor says but this is ok. I've been trying to loose weight for over a year and walk six miles a day have a busy job but still can't loose weight.

I've tried a lot of diets and have even gone down to eating one thousand calories a day to see if that helps yet my weight stays the same. I need to loose about two stone at least as am five foot four and weigh 15 and half stone.

I take my tablets altogether at 8pm each night. My t4 level in 10 my doctor says. Which with no tsh usually means I'm taking too much t4 but we are both reluctant to lower the t4 in case I put on even more weight.

Can anyone help. Please


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  • If you are taking T3, the most important number is the FT3. Have you had that tested? If not, you will have no idea of your thyroid status. The FT4 gives you limited information, and the TSH no information at all.

  • Hi the t4 is ten

  • Well, that, too, is meaningless without the range. Is it over-range? You're not over-medicated if it's not over-range.

    But, no matter what the FT4, you need to know your FT3.

  • Are you hypothyroid? You should not take thyroid hormones to lose weight, only to correct hypothyroidism. It's not clear from you post whether you are hypothyroid. 75 mcg L-T3 is a large dose, especially when combined with 125 mcg L-T4.

  • Hi

    Yes I am hypothyroid

  • OK. Do you know your blood test results when you were diagnosed. Also do you have any symptoms now. You are on a high dose but some people need high doses, you just have to take extra care to monitor signs and symptoms in this case.

  • TSH can become irrelevent at low levels so if it is low ignore it! How do you feel? Thats more important than numbers.

  • Do you think I should drop my t4 from 125 to 100mg but stay on75mg of t3 as I really need to loose weight and my doctor said because my t4 is at 10 from the last blood test and my tsh non existent I should really drop the t4 but am not sure. What do you all think?

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