Can One be Allergic to T3?

I think I'm allergic to my Liothyronine. I tried taking 5 mcg 4 times a day and it seemed to have brought on a coughing fit for the last several weeks. So I have gone back to my tried and true NatureThroid. I still take a T3 before bed and sure enough the coughing starts again. I'm thinking maybe my system doesn't like anything synthetic? Does T3 come in a natural form?

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  • I believe you can be allergic to the fillers. Have you tried taking an antihistamine before taking t3? That could confirm it.

    May I ask what brand you're taking?

  • Liothyronine.

    Good idea, I'll try it.

  • Liothyronine is the name of the hormone, but different drug manufacturers use different inactive ingredients to bind the meds into tablet form, and these fillers don't agree w everyone. Idk what the specifics are for different brands of liothyronine, but for example the fillers in Grossman Cynomel are discussed here:

  • All I know is what is written on the bottle.

  • If they're the 20mcg tabs prescribed by your gp (do you get them from your local pharmacy?) here is the info:

    Mercury Pharma brand liothyronine contains lactose, maize starch, powdered acacia, sodium chloride, magnesium stearate, industrial methylated spirit and purified water.

    Some people are sensitive to acacia, corn or lactose.

    Edited to add: Sorry I see you're in the US. Have a look here and see if you recognise your brand:

  • Maryh1's profile says "United States".

    Aside from manufacturers' own sites, there is this:

    Contains a huge amount of information about medicines in the USA.

  • Snap. :-)

  • Thanks everyone! My Liothyronine is prescribed by my GP. It is only 5 mcg and has made a huge difference in how I feel. Warmed me right up. But when I took 3 - 4 without the NatureThroid, that's when I started coughing. Now I'm taking only one at night and it's 2 in the afternoon as I write this, and I can still feel a little tickle in the back of my throat. I don't think I've completely recovered from my week of coughing. I'll read all the information you've sent when I get a minute. Thanks everyone, your to kind.

  • Hi maryh 1,

    Just to say, I reacted to blood pressure meds with constant cough. Even coughed through the night. Loss of sleep meant no restorative waking. I was convinced the drug was the problem. My doctor disagreed. I had not suffered cough before.

    Foolishly, I continued with drug prescribed. Eventually, I guess very tired body, irritated throat, I became quite unwell. Stupid as it sounds, and I was, I did not stop the drug until 6 weeks ago! I informed doctor of my intention to stop, I no longer questioned, I just believed in my I instinct, interestingly, no more coughing!!!

    Hallelujah!! Long may I continue moisten to my instinct despite doctors well mean advice, and remain cough free!!!

    Best wishes.

  • Sorry! To listen to my instinct! Not moisten!! Lol.

  • Are you taking a brand, or a generic? Can you give the brand name, or the name of the generic manufacturer? I have found it's like getting teeth out of a hen, to get an ingredient list from some generic manufacturers. Once they source ingredients from China, you cannot accurately know what is in it.

  • You know this cough is very unusual for me. I did have a bad cold, and right after I tried going on T3. I think this was a big shock to my system. I think my throat and thyroid is probably inflamed, and that is making me cough. Now that I'm back on NatureThroid and taking only one T3 a day it's better. But in the evening the cough returns even before I take the pill.

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