Who prescribes the meds from private tests?

Hello. Just wondering if i had some blood tests with, for example , Blue Horizon, and some meds are needed , do they also give you the prescription. Can this then be given to a high street chemist to dispense in the normal way . Are the costs of the prescription the same as normal NHS charges or at the much higher costs of a private prescription ? Thank you in advance .

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  • Testingtimes,

    No, you will need to take the results to your GP for a NHS prescription or to a private doctor for a private prescription. I think the cost of the medication will be the same as a NHS prescription but I'm not certain.

  • No, they just test your blood and do not advise on medication. If you think you need meds as a result of the tests, you have to persuade your Gp to prescribe, or a private doctor/endo, or import them from abroad for your personal use.

  • Might be an idea to have a plan before testing. Before ordering the tests you might want to ask your gp if they would take any notice of them (many will not, and others may be convinced to do the tests themselves if they know you're prepared to go elsewhere). Some of us self-treat because our doctors will not prescribe.

  • A lot of the testing is looking at vitamin levels - vitamin D, B12, folate & ferritin- all these can be bought without prescription

    Also the tests can look at both thyroid antibodies- if either are high above range then this means autoimmune Hashimotos.

    Many of us with Hashimotos find enormous improvement by looking at food intolerances - usually gluten, but sometimes can be dairy or soya too

  • Thanks for the taking the time to make a clear reply . I'm thinking of this one : bloodtestslondon.com/full-l... but as it's a lot of money I didn't then want to be hit by a bill for a private prescription if my GP didnt recognise the results . Thank you.

  • Testingtimes Unless you have a reason to think you have reverse T3 there isn't much point in testing it. You can halve the cost of that test if you do the Thyroid plus Eleven fingerprick test from Blue Horizon (same company). It does everything except the rT3 test for £99.

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