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adrenal support after weaning off Medrol

I recently order this product after weaning off Medrol (4 mg daily) which I took for almost five years for adrenal fatigue:

The reason I ordered this supplement was 1. I don't feel optimal yet (tend to feel tired and wired at times, especially in the early afternoon), but did not want to be on Medrol any longer 2. it has been getting great reviews, and it seems several natural doctors in the US recommend it to patients. It also contains naturally occurring DHEA.

I took it for a couple of days, and it's the first supplement ever (and I have tried several adrenal glandular and cortex cortex extracts, ACE, over the years) to make a difference in how I feel. I got a lot more energy, but also started to feel slightly hyperthyroid (I take Thyroid-S and have for the past year). After I stopped taking it, this went away within 24 hours.

To me, this proves that this supplement is indeed effective. However, I have read time and time again that people with adrenal fatigue should be careful with supplements containing adrenaline (all adrenal supplements except ACE), as those with low cortisol levels often produce too much adrenaline already.

But I am not sure if I should still consider myself cortisol deficient and subsequently assume I produce too much adrenaline...? In the past, I have tended to feel overstimulated on adrenal glandular supplements, but never on ACE, which at least seems to suggest that, at one point, I did produce too much adrenaline. I was very disappointed, for instance, not to do well on NAX which many seem to swear by.

I have tried several times to wean off Medrol unsuccessfully. It was not until last summer, after almost five years on it, that I was able to decrease it slowly and finally stop it completely. In the past, I could never go below 4 mg daily without starting to feel worse within a day or two (I spent two years on 6 mg daily, then went down to 4 mg and stayed there).

I found out too late that you need a saliva test to diagnose adrenal fatigue. I was diagnosed by a so called Hertoghe doctor based on blood and 24 h urine analyses. However, since I responded well to Medrol, and felt good on it for years, I assume I did in fact suffer from adrenal fatigue, after being hypothyroid for 17 years and spending ten years on T4 only drugs.

In a way, it's good that a supplement makes NDT work better, especially since I seem to need a lot of it to rid myself of all hypo symptoms. On the other hand, I don't want to overstimulate my adrenals.

The main difference between Pure Adrenal and other supplements I've tried is that Pure Adrenal is the first one ever to have made a difference in how my THYROID medication seems to work.

Those of you having successfully weaned off prescription drugs for adrenal fatigue (either HC or Medrol, or possibly prednisone), have you found you needed supplements for a shorter or longer periods of time? If so, which ones? Has anyone managed to wean off all adrenal support, be it prescription or supplements? After so many years on either one, I am no longer sure if I could manage without anything...

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I actually found an article by Dr. Lam that answers quite a few of my questions:


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