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Hi feeling very low today and would appreciate some encouragement . Iv had leg weakness since Christmas and in an ongoing battle to increase my thyroxine as I feel better on 100 which iv done privately 2 weeks ago .this morning however I felt my coordination was off slightly and have got myself worked up . I look very pale and tired today. No life in my eyes . This is such aknockback as I was doing a lot better X

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  • Hi andypandy30 sorry your feeling low today, look upon it as just a clique as when you have increased dose it can be a bit like a roller coaster one day good one day bad, it will get better just give it time, I'm sending you hugs and hope tomorrow is a better day for you .

  • Thank you for your hugs and hope . I'm so frustrated at feeling like this but I know iv had better days before and am praying I will again . I look so pale and feel so tired . I think that's what has upset me also that I was a bit uncoordinated this morning hands had a mind of their own and couldn't get my body working properly . Being home alone does not help . Sorry for the moan xx

  • I'm sorry you are not so good. We feel worse when we think things have been moving along nicely and then 'wham' something happens.

    Are you due for a blood test. I personally think that some T3 added to your T4 might be helpful but of course we have to source this on our own now due to the current regulations.

    If you are due for a new blood test make an appointment, the earliest and fasting and allow 24 hours approx between last dose and test.

    Sometimes when we need an increase our body tries to tell us, but it's getting the doctors to understand that.

    I assume you have had all the vitamins/minerals tested?

  • I am seeing gp in the morning shaws thank you . I was going to ask for t4 t3 and antibodies also ferritin b12 and folate and cortisol .

  • Ask for Free T4 and Free T3 and I'll give a link which will explain better. Even if he requests the lab may not if TSH and T4 are 'in range'. Don't be too frustrated and wait to see what is done :)

  • Also the ones you stated:

    antibodies also ferritin b12 and folate and cortisol .

    but am not sure if they'd do cortisol.

  • Hi. Low days are awful, but they are only temporary. Today is temporary. This minute is temporary. Therefore, tomorrow can be better. This is how I cope on really bad days. Life and coping with illness is a roller coaster, as Raventhorpe says.

    Hope it helps, and more importantly, hope you feel better very soon.

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement . It's helpful to hear other people's thoughts as if you were going through it yourself. I'm praying tomorrow will be better as I have docs app . I really don't feel up to it but I need to X

  • healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

    The above link is your earlier thread - and I see at the bottom - 9 days ago - you have increased your dose. Well that will need time to settle - and could be around 6 weeks. Also there are lots of comments and advice for you in the above thread. Do you have your results yet ? Maybe have a read through and see if there is something else you can do to help in obtaining useful advice.

    Low mood can be linked to LOW B12 - D3 - as well as low T3 and coukld be linked to the symptoms you describe. Do you have results for the B12 = Folate - Ferritin - VitD /

    Do hope you feel better soon .....

  • Hi Marz always a help to me . Iv sent off for vit d privately as that's all I could afford at min . Iv docs app in morning to get prescription for 100 mcg which v been taking for 9 days as you say . It's really not long enough I know . The symptoms I feel are low mood . Weakness in legs . And this morning very uncoordinated . Brain fog . So b12 seems likely . The one I am on Holland and Barrett is not a good one so I need to order something else or should I wait on result from gp as I'm asking for b12 and folate . Thyroid and iron tomorrow . Is there anything else I need to ask for . X

  • The B12 from H&B will still skew your blood test result - that's if you have been taking it ..... So the result will only be a guideline - which it is anyway :-) Yes do ask for the Folate to be tested too as that works with the B12 in the body. Also check Ferritin - stored iron - when low that too can cause problems. FT3 - will your Doc test it ??? You could try :-)

  • I will try thank you . Yes iv been taking it . Will be asking for printout of bloods and prescription will practice today have 10 mins to say it x

  • H&B don't sell methylcobalamin and I find Amazon has a better selection. Wait till you get your results to B12.

  • Thank u shaws . Was just informed last week I was on the wrong one . I will post results and order off amazon as u and others have said. X

  • That's good. I will just mention that if members order anything from Amazon if they use the Affiliate link, Thyroiduk.org.uk get a small sum to help defray their expenses. We don't pay anything extra.


  • Thank you for that shaws

  • HI,

    I feel low and need to keep my self busy, but when you are feeling that was its difficult to find the desire to do something.

    I'm on T3 -45mcg with 175mcg -T4 and feel better than I have done for years. Nearly back to pre Hypo. Weight an issue but its Spring now and working on that, lots of fresh veggies and Salads. I find going to bed early is my only hope of having a bit of energy, no late night films bed by 10.00pm even if hubbie has to entertain himself till his allotted bedtime.

    We have a SAD light installed in the office which is good for us during the dark winter light.

    Diet plays big part of my routine. Low Carbs, no sugar, lots of fresh or frozen veg, salad and only a small portion of meat or fish. Nothing at all processed, a few nuts and dried fruit. I like my coffee but drink Red Bush tea which is naturally de caffeinated so no chemical intervention there either.

    Hope this helps.xx

  • Oh my thank you for taking the time to give me your advice it does help a lot . I am considering gluten free and want to be in the position you are in as low energy = low mood= messy house = low mood again a vicious circle , I am getting bloods checked next week as per gp app this morning . I am willing to find what works for me xx

  • Hi, Glad my writing helps. I'm retired early but keep my house clean and tidy, a priority as I don't like to live in a mess, that only makes me worse.

    I live in the country away from my family which is probably the reason I feel low. I need my family close to me, hopefully will sell our house in the next couple of months and move back.

  • Just to add. Im on a weight loss programme of my own, down a couple of pounds this morning.

  • well done on the weight loss journey . I was thinking of gluten free to help with my hashimotos not sure if it helps but willing to try . I also live away from family. It's hard . Living in the country has lots of benefits too though . Xx

  • Hi Andypandy - you must feel rotten with leg weakness ..have just had a bug, and could no walk

    at all due to a chest infection -- two days later - the sun has come out and feel that I am getting

    better. It is interesting that thyroid disease is associated with low mood or depression, but with muscular weakness. You have a sympathetic GP ! This is a good website to give you a lift -

    as people want to know they are not the only ones experiencing these symptoms.

    Is there a helpline like NHS 24 or a private GP line like Bablyon which can give you information if these side affects are common , or if you need a change of treatment?

    To add to the advice given, I would say, taking control of your diet, screening out things that

    may slow down your metabolism, and taking vitamin supplements will help to focus you.

    It's easy if living on your own to cut out meals as you just don't feel up to cooking or shopping -

    so help yourself to some healthy fruit, cutting out the pastries, and fried foods, but retaining

    butter and milk I felt heaps better after eating a couple of apples .

    Supplements such as Orovite 7 have a combination of vitamins of b and c which help iron absorption. It is sugar free drink in sachets and can be bought in certain chemists - don't know about online. You might be able to order the sachets from your chemist.

    Vitamin c supplement 1000mg a day or 2 x500mg tablets orange flavour definitely improves

    healing of tissue. If the brain fog is as a result of the medication, think you'll have to talk to someone who knows about the medication, as the imbalance in your hormone levels may not respond to vitamins. However parentrovite high vitamin supplemet is used in hospitals for confusional states, due to infection and alachol abuse.

    Please let us know what you are eating - and drinking -

    I have given up tea with tannin, as it can affect your iron levels in your blood and give you anaemia - I now eat blackcurrants, raspberries, damson plums, blue berries, as they are are high

    in accelerating metabolim I now drink weak Ribena, or a fresh lemon juice in water with a sweetner. Take care.

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