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Early days NDT experience?

I wanted to know how people felt switching from levothyroxine to NDT in the first days. I have gone from 175mcg levo to 1 grain NDT (taking half morning and half 4pm). Taking vitamins and minerals, NDT on empty stomach. I am feeling so rough, weak, ringing in ears, bad sleep etc. I know I have to build slowly. Just need a bit of reassurance that someone else experienced this too. Thanks

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Many who switch to NDT have taken T3 before so the introduction is better tolerated by your body. You are also undermedicated and will possibly need to raise dose quickly in order to prevent a Hashi attack as your previous post advises of elevated TGAb and TPOAb.

You may run into problems if the rate of T3 acceptance in your body is slower than the rate of increased NDT required to keep TSH suppressed, so preventing too much thyroid antibody activity. Also, the amount of NDT required to suppress the Hashi attacks may exceed that of the hormone amount actually required for replacement so antibodies should be reduced through a gluten free diet, etc ....

All thyroid meds require optimal iron and cortisol hormone and nutrients for good hormone synthesis. Repost nutrient results and what you are supplementing in a new post and members will comment.

High ferritin and high CRP advised in previous post are both inflammatory markers and can suppress the HPT axis and decrease the number and sensitivity of thyroid hormone receptors (needed to uptake hormone and make active). Doctors think that high CRP may indicate the development of type 2 Diabetes but low (or unused) thyroid hormone can be accountable for many blood sugar issues too.


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Low Thyroid Hormone & Blood Sugar Issues



Thanks for all this, I have just reposted and hope it makes sense. I am concerned about next steps so will follow advice. It is so complicated and I have struggled to understand having been flicked off with just levo by my gp and endo. I just didn't know what was wrong with me until I started reading and now I am playing catchup!

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Sooo interesting your comments about blood sugar levels and low thyroid hormones I could put money on the fact that my blood sugar drops quite regularly leading to a terrable shuddering inside with is only relived by eating something very quickly to stabilise again ,I told my dr and she checked me for diabetes (reluctantly)which of course came back normal because it wasn't happening at that time.

Your comments have now made perfect sense to me now thanks ☺

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Yes, me too. Have awful cravings for sweets when I feel odd


I switched from 125mg Levo to Thyroid-s in November. Initially I felt a rush from the T3 (I think) on the first day.

For the first month or so I was really tired and napping in the afternoon (a new symptom for me - usually wouldn't crash until mid evening). Tiredness improved as I increased the doses.

Probably the most notable quick improvement was the lifting of brain fog. I raised the dose every 10 days based on symptoms until I got to 2 grains where I started to feel odd. That oddness went after a week or two - I think it was just my body getting used to only having Thyroid-s in it.

I stayed in 2 grains for 7 weeks before getting a blood test then went up by 1/4 of a grain. With that my weight which would swing by lbs on a daily basis suddenly started to stabilise. I bit the bullet last Monday and joined weight watchers - as of today I've lost 6lbs already.

Track your symptoms / temp / heart rate and weight on a daily basis is you aren't already as this data and the great advice on this forum gave me the nudge to persevere even when I was a bit worried that the change in medication wasn't agreeing with me.

Good luck! 🙂


Personally I started NDT after ditching levo for 2 weeks and could not believe how much better I felt on 1/4 grain! I built it up over a few weeks and now feel great!

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I was on 100 Levo and changed by combining 3wks adding 1/4 grain Nature Throid / 3wks 50 Levo + 1/2 grain/ 3wks 25Levo +3/4grain . Then 1wk 1grain (not good). 3 wks 1+1/4 / 3 wks 1 +1/2 / 2wks 1 +3/4/ 3wks 2 grains . Blood test = everything too low!! TSH too high. Then 2+1/2 grains. Saw endo and got tested . T3 = 7.2 = too high and now settled with 2 + 1/4 grains and losing 1/2 lb a week. Now 10lbs lighter with no change in diet. Fat rolling off !!




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