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taking NDT once daily vs multi dosing?

Those of you who have tried both methods, which one do you prefer and why?

I have been taking NDT once daily (in the morning) mainly for convenience, but would be willing to try multi dosing if there are obvious advantages to that method. Some mention more even FT3 levels throughout the day. On the other hand, I remember Dr. Lowe saying something about taking T3 in one single dose as that saturates the cells (or something to that effect).

But I recently saw a recommendation (on the site of a US doctor) that you take half of your NDT before breakfast and half before lunch, and that only means a four or five hour window followed by +/- 20 hours without anything. On the other hand, I wonder if taking NDT at night can keep you awake...?

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I used to take mine twice a day, but I now take it all at once half an hour before breakfast for convenience. I haven't noticed any difference in how I feel.


OK, thanks, that sounds reassuring as that is undoubtedly the most convenient solution for me as well!

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I take 1 grain before I get out of bed & 1 grain at around 3pm.

I tried taking a grain before bedtime but I felt it kept me awake.

I guess its whatever works for you :-)


I used to take mine all at once, but recently I noticed I was quite energetic after breakfast, and was often in pain and very tired after 6-ish. I'm making it sound like this was obvious, but as with everything hypothyroid, it was a bit different every day and sometimes the opposite, so it took a long time to really figure out.

So I switched to splitting the dose and taking my second around 4pm (2 hrs after I have lunch). Immediately I had an increase in energy, including in the morning. This was about 2 months ago, and I'm now thinking of splitting out an additional dose at bedtime.

I was quite shocked that a seemingly trivial change made such a big difference to me. I doubt it would be the same for everyone, but it reminded me that if you're not well you've got to try out every tiny variation.

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I take mine all in one go early in the morning. I tried splitting the dose when I first started but it seems to work better taking it all on a completely empty stomach. I don't notice any energy drops during the day, but still crash out in the couch at night sometimes. I'm on Thyroid-s which I think is a slower release than some other brands.


Yes, that's true, Thyroid-S contains a slow-release substance. So it's possible you get a quicker loss of effect with other drugs.


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