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Lab result ?


I apologize if this isn't properly pasted I'm not too good at that stuff but my doctor informed me yesterday my autoimmune tests were abnormal but I didn't get informed if anything in regards to what it means yet.

I've posted a few days ago about my issues which are plenty and wondered if anyone has any information as to what these results could indicate.

I have no idea even if they are abnormal enough to be the reason for my symptoms or just abnormal enough to be mentioned?

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ComponentYour ValueStandard Range

NEUTROPHILS %39.0 %47.0-73.0 %

LYMPHOCYTES %48.0 %18.0-42.0 %

MONOCYTES %12.0 %4.0-12.0 %

BASOPHILS %1.0 %0.0-1.0 %

NEUTROPHILS ABSOLUTE4.50 10(3)/mcL1.60-7.70 10(3)/mcL

LYMPHOCYTES ABSOLUTE5.54 10(3)/mcL1.30-3.20 10(3)/mcL

MONOCYTES ABSOLUTE1.39 10(3)/mcL0.20-1.00 10(3)/mcL

BASOPHILS ABSOLUTE0.12 10(3)/mcL0.00-0.10 10(3)/mcL




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02/28/2017 4:14 PM


02/28/2017 5:39 PM

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It looks like you have an increased number of lymphocytes. These aren't autoimmune tests they are just part of a full blood count, also called a complete blood count, that looks at the number of white cells,

Instead of saying your doctor stating your "autoimmune tests are abnormal", s/he should have:

1. Stated your some of a type of your white cells are increased

2. Stated whether they are going to confirm it with another test

3. Then stated what is the likely cause or referred you to a specialist to find out the cause.

If the doctor didn't do 2 and 3 go back to them, and ask them what they are doing to find out the cause.

SLWS in reply to bluebug

Thank you

You may wish to remove your name from the above results 😊

You said in your last post that you have thyroid test results. Why haven't you posted them?

Your Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may well have affected your pituitary gland, which is the master gland for hormone activity. So it's possible you have secondary or central hypothyroidism, rather than the hypothyroidism that most of us have (which is usually but not always due to Hashimoto's Disease - antibodies acttacking the thyroid gland).

As greygoose says, unfortunately there aren't any thyroid blood test results posted here. If you have them, they'll be called TSH, FT4, FT3 etc.

Because of your IBS, it's likely you don't absorb nutrients very well, so you may well be Vit D deficient, Vit B12 deficient and ferritin deficient (anaemia).

Really feel for you - you've been through so much... x

You had other posts which have been deleted. I copied and pasted the really important results to one of those deleted posts. Since they have now been deleted I'll paste them again. (Thankfully I saved them because I thought there was a risk they would vanish into the ether.)


VITAMIN B12 237 pg/mL 213-816 pg/mL

FERRITIN 27 ng/mL 5-204 ng/mL

T4 FREE 1.4 ng/dL 0.7-1.9 ng/dL

FREE T3 3.0 pg/mL 1.7-3.7 pg/mL

TSH 0.501 mIU/L 0.300-5.000 mIU/L

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN 0.16 mg/dL <0.50 mg/dL

CALCIUM 9.7 mg/dL 8.4-10.2 mg/dL

IRON 63 mcg/dL 25-156 mcg/dL

TRANSFERRIN 380 mg/dL 180-382 mg/dL

TIBC, CALCULATED 475 mcg/dL 265-497 mcg/dL

% SATURATION, IRON 13 % 15-62 %

Marz greygoose Jazzw

Thanks humanbean :)

And as I thought, SLWS, your ferritin, Vit B12 and Vit D levels look very low. Has your doctor ever commented on those? Just one of those being low could cause a myriad of symptoms, but all 3 being low can result in you feelin unwell.

SLWS in reply to Jazzw

Thank you for your information because I got my lab result today that my ANA was positive and yet the nurse told me that my levels of ferretin, Vit. D, and 12 were within normal range.

Even though they are on the low end they aren't concerned.

So glad to know that you pointed out their low levels as well.

My doctor will be in on Thursday to hopefully explain my ANA positive result and if it is perhaps my answer to feeling better.

I've never had this tested before and wouldn't have suggested it be fone if not for this group.

Do you have suggestions on how to remedy my levels or what if any the ANA result could indicate?

Jazzw in reply to SLWS

Well, according to

A positive ANA test alone can’t diagnose a specific disease. However, some conditions that are associated with a positive ANA test include:

- systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus): an autoimmune disorder that can affect different parts of your body, including the heart, digestive tract, and skin

- chronic liver disease (cirrhosis): scarring of the liver, which is most commonly caused by alcohol abuse and viral infections

- rheumatoid arthritis: an autoimmune disorder that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints

- Sjögren syndrome: an autoimmune disorder that affects the salivary and lacrimal glands, which produce saliva and tears

- scleroderma: an autoimmune disorder that primarily affects the skin and other connective tissues

- thyroid disease: a range of conditions can affect your thyroid, including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

- temporal arteritis: a disorder, likely caused by an autoimmune response, in which the arteries supplying blood to the head and brain become damaged

So there's still going to be more to rule out than rule in - plus your thyroid issues might be the simple explanation.

Good that it's been tested though.

SLWS in reply to Jazzw

Thank you for taking the time to explain all that.

Are you familiar with what specific tests will need to be done to narrow down the possibilities?

Your counts are somewhat high. But your absolute counts seem to be norm.

I know this is easier said than done,

Do not go googling this stuff or it will certainly put you in panic mode.

Now, your doctor may or may not refer you to an oncologist/ hematologist. If not I strongly agree that you request to see one.

What were your WBC counts of I may ask?

SLWS in reply to jjrocha33

11.55 is my WBC

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