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Blood results.....very confused !

So docs finally agreed to test my T4, results were confusing over the phone so went in this evening to get a print out. The instructions clearly say 'test T4 patient symptomatic' but they only tested TSH at the lab ! The nurse taking my blood even took a highlighter to the instruction! I'm fuming! Doc will now call me on Monday to discuss but again more blood tests...

But even more confusing my TSH has come down, with no treatment...

Pre op TSH 1.59

6 week post op TSH 2.59

10 week post op TSH 3.39

13 week post op TSH 2.27 ?!

Does this mean perhaps my remaining Thyroid is actually healing and starting to work again ?

(I had partial thyroidectomy end on Nov to remove tumor. I'm on no meds)

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Do you always have your blood taken at the same time of day? TSH is highest early in the morning, and drops throughout the day. It also drops after eating. So, to get the highest TSH possible, have your blood drawn early in the morning, after having fasted all night. :)


All have been fasting bloods taken in the morning around 9 am

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