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Blood test results back - is this now confirmed as Hashimoto's? Very confused...

Hi, I have had the following results back from a blood test done last week:

Vitamin D: 43.6 nmol/L (anything above 75 nmol/L normal)

(Vitamin D2: <6.0 nmol/L and Vitamin D3: 43.6 nmol/L)

Free T3: Not done

Free T4: 15.6 pmol/L (12-22)

TSH: 4.6 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

(Please note I take Levothyroxine at 125mcg)

I have 2 results for Ferritin as per below:

Ferritin result 1: 21 ug/L (30-400)

Ferritin result 2: 22 u/gL (30-400)

(Please note I have taken iron supplements in the past for the low Ferritin as directed by my GP the time before, but I have since stopped the supplements since they made me feel sick) I was on Spatone sachets.

Anti-TPO Antibodies: 41 kIU/L (<34)

Folate: 4.1 ug/L (4.6-16.7)

Vitamin B12: 363 ng/L (180-900)

Plasma Viscosity: 1.64 mPa.s (1.50-1.72)

Glucose (Fluoride): 4.9 mmol/L (<10.1)

So there you have it. Also I can appreciate the practice's receptionists aren't medically trained or educated, but for me to be told by one of them I had a high plasma glucose - only for me to go through the results and find that it wasn't high at all - did put me under an excessive amount of worry.

No celiac profile and no autoimmune profile - not sure why that is even though this was arranged to be done.

So I take it I do have Hashimoto's?

I was told my antibodies were lower than before, but the test I had done at that time (January 2013) just said "thyroid antibodies 84 kIU/L" - if the TPO antibodies have lowered since then, why is that? Is it significant?

Although my usual GP has ordered these tests for some reason one of the idiot doctors I've been seeing has been getting in on the act as he ordered the TSH and FT4 to be done as well as Ferritin hence the 2 results for Ferritin. Why is he intervening as he was the one who was adamant in saying I had no autoimmune illness.

Thanks for your help

Jo xxx

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Hi Jo

Can you tell us how you are feeling please?




Hi Louise, thanks for reply.

I feel absolutely awful - I'm tired, have woken up a few times during the night and I've had more problems with my eyes. They're always feeling gritty and as if something is in them.

I've had some joint pain as well in my hips and also my shoulders have been aching a little.

I'm struggling with my weight as well - I've been eating a lot more food that's high in carbs, protein, starch, fat, sugars etc - stuff that's guaranteed to bulk me up since I still weigh a little under 8 stone. I've even become less active as I know if I exercise it'll just burn off. I seem to be burning the extra weight off in my sleep as I wake up the next day, weigh myself and I'm 2 or 3 pounds lighter. So confusing!

Constipation hasn't been too bad, not as much. I had a few hot flushes in bed last night and all of a sudden I'm feeling colder than usual. Toes feel numb and I had a few terrible issues with Raynaud's (at least I thought I had Raynaud's until the blood test results I've had done don't state I have it.)


Jo xxx


In that case - it may be possible that you are not on enough levo.

Some people need their TSH to be low in the range and T4 to be high.

Email me for info on this... louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org




Hi Suki, thanks for the link.

I've been increasing my food intake over the past few months and have added the following to the list of sources of folate from what was on the webpage from the link you sent:

Fruit juice - I religiously buy fruit smoothies from our local supermarket that includes 2 of my 5 a day.

Legumes - I have on occasion eaten baked beans and lentils.

Beef - I've eaten beef in cottage pie.

Brown rice - I've eaten some brown rice, although I mainly opt for white or egg fried.

Cheese - I love cheese and have eaten it in macaroni and cheese, lasagne, pizzas, even on its own.

Chicken - I've eaten a lot of chicken over the past month or so.

Wheat - Since I have had to increase my gluten slightly so as to get some sort of positive result from the celiac test (which I've heard nothing about) I've been including it in my meals most of the time.

So I don't understand the low folate result.

Also regarding the blood test for Vitamin D deficiency I have absolutely no Vitamin D2 in my blood - but I have been eating a lot of mushrooms that are high in D2!

The things that are high in D3, such as cod liver oil, salmon, catfish, sardines and tuna I haven't eaten at all, so I don't know why I have any Vitamin D3 at all when I don't eat anything that contains it!


Jo xxx


Your body makes vitamin D from sunlight. It looks as if you need to take supplements too though, since you are so low.


Hi eeng, thanks for your reply.

GP is putting me on Vitamin D supplements when I next see her - in 11 days' time.

Jo xxx


Joe853 do you take b12 ? i had tingling numbness in my feet before taking b12 ,i now take 2 b12s every day and after months of this with vitamin d and calcium i do not suffer anymore and the tiredness (lethargy ) has totally gone .

your b12 should be higher than 500 and if you take to much it comes out of you through your urine

please try them just by them from holland and barret and after a few months you will really see a difference


Hi suki, no I haven't taken any b12. I had pins and needles in my fingers today, I'm wondering if that's due to low b12.

is it likely my GP when I see her next week will not mention the low b12 rezult as according to my practice it's still within range albeit at the lower range? I'm staying near a holland and barrett so if I go to it on my travels I'll think about investing in a sublingual spray - I think they exist.

thanks for your help.

Jo xxx


yes they do they are supposed to be better than the tablet which i take ,i think they work quicker .i hope it helps if not vitamin d3 can also be part of the problem

but as i said b12 should be about 600 or higher and you can not overdose on b212 please let me know if you start to get better give it a couple of months though be patient all my best


Looking online, I've noticed that you can get hold of vitamin d3 supplements quite cheaply too, but yes, the spray is what I'll be getting hold of.

Thanks for your help.

Jo xxx


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