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Hello, I'm new to this. Have had two year history of hypothyroid symptoms which my GP put down to low iron levels (ferritin of 6) after insisting, he checked thyroid function and I have Thyroid peroxidase antibodies of 1600 but low TSH ( he hasn't done T3 or T4) I am so ill with muscle pain, reynauds type symptoms, fatigue and IBS that I am losing all my self employment contracts. He has sent me away to have my bloods redone in 6 months. I feel really desperate. Can someone explain to me what TSH being non linear means? can anyone point me towards reliable studies I can take to him? All advice welcome. Marie

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  • Hi Marie - I have answered on your blog:

    Clare xx

  • Yes, thanks Clare, didn't realise I should really have posted it here. :)

  • This is a link. You will learn as you go along that many GP's do not know how to treat thyroid conditions and rely only on the TSH.

  • That is helpful, thank you.

  • Hi My TSH has always been low, low it has been unmeasurable for a long time. I was treated,from long ago ,on the basis that my Free T3 was below range. T4 so so, In those days all these 3 tests were always done, although no T3 available then. To have treatment with low TSH you may need to see a good endo, often GP`s are frightened to prescribe on this. Make sure you have the 3 tests , with ranges, ask. Also if you see an endo , if good ,then they should check all the other things too. however, do your own research and only see a very good endo. There are other causes endocrinological that may cause low TSH, (not in my case). I have Hypo, enlarged thyroid and nodules, quite severe actually and it is Hashimoto`s (,autoimmune )I hope this helps. Make sure it is your choice of endo and not the GP`s,research who you want to see first.


  • Thank you jack is, that all sounds like good advice. Marie

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