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Research Participants Needed

The Institute of Ophthalmology at UCL, London are looking for volunteers who have been diagnosed with thyroid receptor dysfunction to come along and take part in a research project at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

They inform us that, "This research is trying to identify the mechanism by which thyroid receptor dysfunction impacts on vision and in particular, people’s colour vision. This will be a key step towards finding treatments for this and similar genetic eye disorder.

If you are interested in taking part, you would need to be free to attend Moorfields for a short visit (about one hour) in the coming months.

The test involves sitting at a computer and clicking either a left or right button when images appear on the screen. The test is completely non-invasive, we will not be giving you any medications, you will not have to wear any special glasses or eye patches to take the test. All travel costs will be reimbursed."

For more information or to find out how to take part please contact: Dr. Matteo Rizzi,, tel. 07835164303

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Very interesting - and encouraging.

I suspect the issue will be finding people with that diagnosis.


From everything I've read getting a diagnosis of this highly unlikely unless you've been hyper or have Graves... I read an article which states that this disorder can affect people with Hashimoto's not just those with Graves, but that it's unlikely that your GP practice will do the neccessary test. I was diagnoused with Hashimotos in 2007 following the birth of my youngest child. Since 2011 I've also been suffering with anterior uveitis so am wondering if there can be any connection with thyroid receptor dysfunction?

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