Vaccine Research Trust

Message from Carol Wright - Administrator of The Vaccine Research Trust who are raising funds to complete thyroid research. This research will help us all:

The Vaccine Research Trust has been selected by our local Sainsbury’s store in Moseley ( 158 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HS) as a possible charity for them to support with fundraising for one year. However, this is dependent on our obtaining more votes than other competing charities in the area.

It would be really helpful if you could support us by giving us your vote by either going into the store and casting your vote or voting online at You will need to enter the store post code which is as above – B13 8HS – and select Vaccine Research Trust. Voting for Vaccine Research Trust is just a few clicks away and you can use any device for example your computer, iPad or Phone.

Please send this email to friends and family and anyone you know so we can get as many votes as possible for this important opportunity.

Kind regards,

Carol Wright


Vaccine Research Trust

22 Alcester Road



B13 8BE

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All done.

I'm going to pass it onto other interested parties as well.

Signed and submitted.

Done it 😀



Went to do but looks like i'm too sloooow. Well done, you won!

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