Older men - God help us - don't we have enough to deal with?

Good evening Lovelies,

Now I have an extra problem - I believe the old man might have thyroid problems as well. I have just checked his temp at 10.30 pm and it is 35.6. He is 65 - his mother died of throat cancer, many years prior to that she had a partial removal of her thyroid, but they took too much out. Later on she developed a problem - a tumour - in her thyroid gland and they operated too late, and they let her die, being peg fed. It was awful. I am talking 20+ years ago. He does not have the same symptoms as me but he is very tired - he used to be a marathon runner - 4 Londons + God knows how many others - the last one he did was Snowdon in 1996. Does anybody out there in our world know anything about this?? Sheenah xx

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  • Hi sheenah my husband has hashi's just like me. I had it several years before him. I know they say it's not 'catching' but I do wonder! I use to get shingles (herpes virus) every 6-8weeks when I was first DX and not on optimal treatment. Then he started to get cold sores (herpes virus) then became hypo! Makes you wonder!!!

    I'm sure you are going to get him to Drs for blood tests etc? Hope he feels better soon :-).

  • Yep, TFT for hubby, even if just to rule that out and find out what is ailing him.

    At least he won't be patronised with the suggestion that he's menopausal. It'll be age related condescension.;)

  • ARC (Age Related Condescension)! My wife will say I've been exhibiting this more and more recently..... Now at least I have a phrase for it! Thanks Bob.

  • It's very contagious, Bob. The only treatment is a short sharp putdown but it often recurs.

  • My husband was diagnosed at 72 with Hashimotos. I have a sneaking suspicion that prostate issues are linked to thyroid problems in men. Hormones again ! Hubby does not have many thyroid symptoms - just added the TSH onto his annual PSA check. It was in range but high. Followed up with the full profile and the FT3 was below range and FT4 low too. Anti-bodies positive too. Spoke to an Endo on the phone that evening - pre-arranged by the Doc in the Haematology Clinic - and treatment commenced that night. His comment - you know what he has - give him one of your pills !! Can you imagine that happening in the UK ? We live in Crete.... He also had over-range Ferritin which has gone down with T4 and then T3 treatment. He thought I was doing well on T3 - so decided to change himself ! I was quite shocked as I had not explained how to take it :-) His obvious symptoms were - breathlessness/fatigue/weight gain/headaches/low mood....yes as they would say - age related...NOT....

    One of the reasons more women have thyroid issues than men - is also reflected in other conditions. They are more inclined to go to the Docs if something isn't quite right. I think most of us have to nag our men to go !!

    Don't forget to have all the other things checked like B12 Iron Ferritin Folate VitD etc. Best to check his temperature on waking and before going to the loo !

  • Ive been hearing more guys having thyroid problems lately..

    My Dad was told he had thyroid issues, but for Dad everything seem to be going against him...He had asbestos lungs they said, but he left things so long (he hated Doctors).never went for yearly physicals)...he did beat colon cancer years earlier...But I remember them saying he had thyroid issues, maybe diabetes, and fibromyalgia at the end...He did get to be a big guy...

  • Do get testosterone levels checked. From the age of 40 men decrease in production of testosterone by 1_ 2% every year as normal, however for some men they are not the norm, I know from experience

  • My husband also had all the symptoms, but when I mentioned it to our GP of the time (no longer I hasten to add) he just sneered at me and condescendingly (yes, that word again) explained that statistically the likelihood of a husband and wife both being hypo was vanishingly small.

    He didn't like it at all when I, equally condescendingly, replied that "vanishingly small" was not the same as "impossible" and that my cousin and his wife both had Hashi's.

    We changed GPs at this point, and, lo and behold, the new one discovered in husband's notes from 5 years earlier that a thyroid function test had revealed a TSH of 6.4, and the old GP had made a note to keep it under observation.....did he?....what do you think?

  • Yes I have often thought the incidence of men having a lesser problem is down to the fact they rarely see a doctor. After all we produce the children then take them for the jabs etc so we are more at home with the whole concept. I would have thought

    that to find a partner with the same problem is more common than not as we also recognise the symptoms and know that it can get much worse if untreated so we nag them! Doctors never think outside the box do they!

  • Sounds like hypothyroid to me

  • WOW!! Thank You All so much for such a great response!! What I forgot to say that his eyebrows are disappearing at the outer edge, and I did not notice until I suddenly saw mine were doing the same when I started to try to find out what was wrong with me. I feel we ought to go down the Blue Horizon Home Blood route like I did, get some evidence, then take this to the Doc, who I have recently nicknamed "Dr Chump". (Besides, it will give me the opportunity to stab his finger!) Then he should take notice and be willing to do all the other tests. I say this because he recently had bloods done for a "well man" thing and they (the Lab) will refuse to do them again so soon, which again is what happened to me. He is now checking his Basal Temp and quite shocked to find that it is low. Do we think that his Mothers thyroid probs could be linked?? Thank you all so much. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Love is..... taking your NDT together :-)

  • HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...have read somewhere that Mums pass things down to their sons - and Dad's to daughters....

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