Crap medication

Why are the government letting pharmacuticals companys give ppl these crap generic tablets , with bulking agents . They cause heslth problems . Bring back the proper tabs from yrs back. One pharmacys assistant tokd ke ther the same do the same job. I said really , well a mini car will get you from A to B same as a rolls royce will , wish would you say is the best , or are they the same !!!

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  • A question of cost probably. The pharma companies consistently hike the price of even cheap medication because up until recently the NHS just tipped up for them. You only have to look at T3 and the phenomenal charge for that yet it can be bought for peanuts outside the U.K. There is a bit of a fight back going on against this overcharging but knowing how slowly the NHS work to change anything I don't know how long it will take to have an effect. You're right, a mini lacks lots of the bells and whistles of a Rolls Royce but it does the same job nonetheless, gets you from a 2 b. As long as the medication has the essential ingredients to do the job then it's better than not having it surely?

  • Bad medication causes other problems so you need medication for that to. The government own the pharmaceutical companys and should be goving ppl whats best especially when theyv paid 50yrs tax into the system . And they need to stop giving druggys and alcoholics the expensive medication they get . I worked for the nhs for yrs

  • Because it's all about money! Health is secondary I'm afraid. That's why we need to take our health into our own hands. it's horrendous!

  • Whilst I understand the emotion behind this, let us not get carried away with the idea that something was wonderful and perfect.

    There are quite a number of people who found the old levothyroxine products (for example, Eltroxin, Forley, Goldshield which all contained acacia) were unacceptable. Many people are relieved that can get Actavis or Wockhardt, (or even new formulation Teva).

    Let us be pleased that we have some degree of choice of formulation.

    Let us be pleased we don't have so many makes that we rarely twice get the same one.

    Is there a single case in recent years of a thyroid hormone medicine in the UK being shown not to have the correct level of active ingredient? (This is different to the case of old Teva levothyroxine which failed to deliver that dose - the tablets did have it in them.)

    Is there a single case of a medicine where there is or was an excess of bulking agents which in any way diminished the amount of active ingredient? (Other than, as already mentioend, the Teva issue which was inintentional interaction with an ingredient.)

    All thyroid hormone tablets require some form of bulking agent. The amount of active ingredient is so small, physically, that you could not manage to make them without.

    If you go years back, you will find that the assays of tablets were considerably more variable. We used to have a potency range of 90 to 110% - now 90 to 105% (and I'd be happy if it were even tighter - but it has gone in the right direction).

  • On the whole tablets have improved as the rules on stability have tightened up. In the case of Eltroxin the generic is now the same product (although ironically a little more expensive). These tablets have always had fillers - try finding a tablet that weighs 50 mcg! Tablets have to deliver (not just contain) the same dose. Occasionally patients will be intolerant to a filler but this applies to all drugs whether patented or generic.

  • I had goldshield and another before it . I was always size 10/12 sonce generic these last 8 yrs im 14/16 and i still keep fit and good diet the only thing changed is the tablet. And every time i go to the chemist i am given a different make an told thats all they do this month. So we will have to disagree as i worked for the nhs and the amount of patients with my same symptoms wer almost all patients on it. Than was when i noticed more from ther comments . Its cheap crap ther put in them something thst they used to bulk wook cuttings up in one !

  • Many of us manage to get the same make, prescription after prescription, by asking the pharmacies - even going round several, or using one of the online pharmacies.

    (Obviously there have been several genuine supply issues over the years but, other than those, it is usually possible to stick to one make.)

    I assume you have filed Yellow Card reports on all the unsatisfactory products? That is the first thing we should do. Even if individually they have little impact, it prevents anyone saying that no-one complained. If we do not file Yellow Card reports, everyone can understandably claim there is no problem.

  • I go around to mosts chemist . The trouble in this area is ther almost all owned by timms an parker . And wen i ask can they order them for me they say no

  • If you know that one particular brand works best for you, and you want to stick with that brand, there are a couple of things you could consider trying.

    Firstly, asking your GP to state the brand on your prescription. Alternatively, contact online pharmacies to find out who can supply your preferred brand regularly by post to you.

  • It's all to save money now. I fear the real reason the nhs was originally set up for, is bottom of the priority list these days.

  • I once read the early NHS concept was to get working men patched up after the war and get them fit for work .....

  • Maybe I am completely wrong then! 😂 They were not too good with shell shock either were they. It's just stretched to breaking point now I think.

  • No I didn't mean you are wrong - I was merely adding to your point ... 😊

  • I guess back then it was for the good of the country in general though but also getting their physical health sorted first. I think now it's def more about costs and saving them. It's the actual caring side which is lacking now. Money makes the world go round sadly. Sorry about reading your comments wrong.

  • Yes I agree about the caring side - it no longer seems vocational ....

    When the red brick Universities emerged in quantity in the 60's they had to fill them and anyone who did not have the right grades for their chosen courses - were sent the Social Sciences prospectus. ( I know because I worked in Admissions at Bristol University in the 60's ) This produced an overload of Social Science qualifications and so the world of Social Work changed. Similarly with the top heavy management in the NHS. I remember meeting someone who was doing a degree in Hospital Administration many moons ago - I was shocked. Then they had to be found jobs - and so it goes on ....

    Conversely I was overwhelmed at the amazing people working in the London Hospitals that featured in a series on TV recently. All those oh so talented people - hanging around for hours because of a shortage of Intensive Care beds - not being able to begin very complex surgeries - they were so very professional. S** that high speed train - give the hospitals in London more Intensive Care Beds and let these incredible surgeons work their miracles.

    My memories of 22 weeks in hospital in the early 70's was also very positive - wonderful nurses - Matron - Student Docs - lots of rules - and everything seemed to run like clockwork.

    Oh dear I am rambling :-)

  • No not at all. I agree think they should take heed. It all worked so much better back then when they had the matrons and senior staff who were hands on. I do feel sorry for a lot of doctors now also. It must be terribly frustrating going into a career to do something with all the correct intentions and having so much red tape to wade through and people above you saying what can and cannot be done because of budgets. They probably either detach themselves emotionally or just leave after burn out, go into the private sector. It's very much like that in care jobs now also, just the nhs is a much bigger complexed machine.

  • To many ppl go to the drs every wk when all they need to do is go a chemist to buy medication , ther attitude is why should i pay its free on script ? Most have never worked on drugs and drink . They should not get free scripts. They even want a script for paracetomol its 20p in shops again they say im not paying i want it free. All over the country thats alot of pounds wasted from the nhs

  • Yes it's true that. I don't understand things like that myself and then it's often people with more serious conditions that have to suffer due to cut backs. We pay for prescriptions although at the moment I have a maternity exemption which still hasn't been used once, my husband still pays though. But I've never understood getting things like calpol and paracetamol on prescription or things you can buy over the counter cheaply even for my kids who get it free. The bus fair to the doctors is more expensive than popping to our local chemists for a start. However I was once prescribed cocodamol by a gp for backache and it was bad couldn't walk properly for weeks and he sent me for an X-ray. Went to the chemist, paid 8 pounds then found out it was the same strength you can buy over the counter for £2.50. Was a bit miffed.

  • One of the things that I remember reading is that many doctors were not happy about the NHS being created. I can't remember what their reasons were but I imagine they were financial.

    In the days and weeks following the beginnings of the NHS doctors had a constant stream of people coming to see them with horrendous problems that made people's lives a misery. For example, men with huge hernias that were supported and strapped up with home-made trusses, women with prolapses dangling between their thighs, there were skin diseases galore, broken bones that had healed wrong. The result was that doctors' consciences were stirred and finally, the majority of them realised that the NHS was essential.

    If/when the NHS fails, I am not clear on how people are supposed to afford healthcare. There are still plenty of poor people in the UK. Will the diabetics just die? Will people die of appendicitis? Will the untreated hernias and prolapses make a re-appearance?

    We have the example of the USA to know what will happen. They have the worst infant mortality figures among western nations. The biggest cause of bankruptcy there is medical bills.

    There are few things that make me cry these days, but knowing how many will die when healthcare becomes unaffordable and how many will live in misery can still do it.

  • Yes I agree with you. Many who don't pay can't pay it's as simple as that. Yes you always will get people milking the system and taking liberties but the majority of people don't. Even with my husband working full we couldn't afford it especially for an entire family and we are far from well off but then there are many worse off. Also then there would be things like actually getting insurance companies to cover you with pre existing conditions. Affording the insurance in the first place. It's a minefield. People would just be left to rot which is a very scary concept.

  • humanbean it's truly terrifying. A while ago I angered some NHS GPs on a non-health forum that I use where I claimed that the NHS left people to die. One GP in particular likes to repeat this, he's clearly incensed but I just state that I believe it to be true. Which incenses him even more.

    I'm currently funding both hypothyroidism and Lyme disease, GP has been "warned off" by the Partners from referring/treating me so have a battle on my hands. Financially this isn't sustainable, I now understand why there is a homelessness crisis and successive Governments should have blood on their hands.

  • Tricia13, I wonder what prompted you to sign up today and post this comment? You don't actually say which particular medications are you referring to. Do you have a thyroid disorder?

  • Why would they care as long as they get their dividends from the companies they've invested in? More health problems means more money for shareholders. PLUS if the NHS can be shown to be poor quality it makes it easier to privatise it so they can make even more money.

  • I know exactly how you feel! I am intolerant to maize and it seems to be in everything these days!

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