Euthyral medication for Thyroid

Hi, has anyone been prescribed Euthyral tablets on here? They are a combination of

Levothyroxine and Liothyronine. I was prescribed these when my TH was very high and was told by the specialist that levo tablets were too low, I was taking levo 50

This was three years ago, I lost weight within a couple of months which was great although I didn't feel any better, still had the same side effects. Three years later my TH dropped to zero and was told the tablets were too strong for me, so went back on the levo 75. Within a month I started putting all the weight back on and still felt ill with the side effects, they have now increased my levo to 100. This medication has never suited my body and I feel shaky and sick every day, I have learned to live with it now as my doc has lost interest.


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  • I would ask GP to prescribe Euthral tablets again as you felt well on them. If not, would he add T3 to your T4. Most wont as they've been directed not to which has catapulted many patients into severe distress and worry and return of symptoms.

  • I have never been offered T3 by my doc. He doesn't agree with me that it's the levo making me feel so bad.

  • They don't offer T3 because they've been directed to prescribe T4 only. He cannot decide that levo isn't making you feel worse, it is you personally that has the effect. I can tell you that levo did me no favours at all and I was forever in and out of A&E. I now know for certain it was T3.

    Some people take paracetamol and it works, others feel quite ill. We are all different.

  • I didn't know you could get Euthyral in the UK? I've taken it here in France, though. It didn't suit me terribly, although I did start to lose some weight, so the endo told me to add some levo to it - which was completely the wrong thing to do! I lost a lot of hair. But, then, another doctor put me on Armour, which was twenty times worse! So, now I'm on T3 only.

  • I have taken Novothyral in the past which I believe is the same as Euthyral (each pill of Novothyral contains 100 mcg of T4 and 20 mcg of T3). It suited me much better than T4 only drugs, but I feel better on NDT as I feel more stable on it. When I was on Novothyral, it was constantly up and down...I believe that was caused by rising and falling T3 levels as T4 is much slower-acting than T3. The T3 in NDT seems to be released more slowly and steadily throughout the day compared to the T3 in Novothyral...

    The TSH is completely irrelevant when on any drug containing T3, as T3 tends to suppress your TSH. When on T3, you need to go by symptom relief, as well as your FT3 levels (they should be high in range but not out of range, preferably).

  • Sorry but what is NDT?


    Over 14,000 posts in the above link about NDT :-)

  • My doctor has never mentioned T3 to me, he can't understand why I find it difficult to support the medication and tells me most of his patients are quite happy on levo, it's very frustrating for me as I can't seem to convince him it's the medication that is making me feel so unwell!

  • Your doctor may not even know T3 drugs exist...I have met doctors who had never heard of them. Incredible but true. One doctor even told me T3 drugs were taken off the market in the 1920s, after T4 only drugs were invented...while T3+T4 drug Novothyral was available in Belgian pharmacies. Sigh.

    I think this article gives you a very good overview of various options for thyroid hormone replacement therapy:

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