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Help feeling crap

Here are my latest bloods I fasted before test and first appointment in the morning and waited til after before taking levo that morning . Here are my Btest results if you could give me any ideas am so grateful . Have a long list of test results but will post those that most of you seem to look at . So here goes:- serum calcium level below low reference limit 2.12mmol/l[2.2-2.6]

Calcium adjusted level below low ref limit


Serum tsh2.92miu/l[0.3-0.5]

Serum free t4 below range 7.2pmol/l[7.9-1.6]


B12 424ng/l[120-900]

Mean cell haemoobin level above high reference 32.9pg[27-32

Plasma parathyroid hormone 6.6pmol/l[1.3-9.3]

Am currently on levo 100mcg but doctor has asked me to take 125mcg from thursdays to Sunday's and go back for another test in 2 weeks to check calcium levels .

Anyone else had probs with calcium ?? J eat loads of calcium rich foods but only lactose free milk and take supplements also inc multivits / mag cal andvit d and probiotics daily and am eating now a gluten free / grain free diet . So very grateful for any advice . Joint pains very severe so don't feel like excercising and breathless and nerve pains , fasciculations and muscle cramps and spasms . As well as severe night sweats xxx apart from that I'm fine 🙂

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Your pains are likely due to your low calcium levels.

When your doctor did your tests did they check kidney and liver enzymes?

How breathless are you? Can you walk down a flat street?


I think so would that be these ?

Serum sodium 140 [133-146]

Seriun potassium4.3[3.5-5.3]

Serum urea 5.8[2.5-7.8]

Serum creatinine 71[45-88

Serum total protein 63 [60-80]

Serum globulin 24 [20-35]

Serum biliruben6 [o-21]

Serum alanine aminotransferase 13 [0-35]

Hope this helps


Yes I can walk down a flat street , not that breathless yet . Worse on waking in the am and numbness in fingers on waking prob due to calcium . I thought it was the parathyroid that affected calcium though ??


It's not the only organ that needs to be checked if your calcium levels are low. The other ones I can think of are kidneys and pancreas. Though you haven't pointed to any stomach problems so unlikely to be pancreas.

The breathlessness question is just standard as sometimes people have something else going on which requires immediate treatment.


You need magnesium to process calcium. There is lots of calcium in leafy veg so you don't need to O.D. on dairy.


Your vitamin D is quite low, but GP won't prescribe anything. Suggest trying Vitamin D mouth spray, as it avoids the poor gut function. 1000iu once or twice day.

Magnesium helps vitamin D, magnesium powder is cheap and easy to use.

Multivitamins are generally a waste of money and ineffective for thyroid patients. Assuming you have Hashimoto's you definitely don't want any supplements with iodide in

B12 is quite low. Night sweats can be due to this. A good quality vitamin B complex (eg Igennus) might help.

Remember to stop taking any supplements with biotin in 3-4 days prior to any blood test as biotin can falsely affect test results

Do you have a folate test result? This would increase with b complex too


Started taking mag cal and bit d by nutrivital last week and Ferratin test was 22[15-300]. Which I guess is low too isn't it


Ah folate test 7.1.

Range [2.5-0.999] sorry 😐


Yes ferritin is too low

See SeasideSusie vitamin posting advice on ferritin




I also have a mouth spray of vitd which I was using through the winter which was 3000 I/u so can go back to this if I need to

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Yes I would start again. May be alternate days now and more regularly in winter

Retest after 2-3 months

Vitamindtest.org.uk - £28 postal kit


I'm glad you are increasing your dosage as your TSH is elevated well above the posted range (sorry no mention of that yet!) along with a low Free T4. No results for free T3 I guess?


No no t3 done . Is that something I can get done nhs or do I go privately for that ?


Sorry must have typed the wrong figure in there , my bad 🤗 . Should have read tsh level 2.92[0.3-5]


Still too high! Here we aim for 1 or even less. So yes you are still very undermedicated! Go to the Thyroid UK site and look for the link to private labs - many here go that route for thorough labs (a GP cannot request free T3 as far as I understand it needs to be an Endo or lab will not do it)


Thank you


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