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T3 medication

I've been taking t3 medication for some years, lve found recently lve not been feeling very well and been suffering from Colds and flu a lot. I've been looking at the reasons behind this, lve found that the t3 from the uk is a poor quality, l was prescribed 20 mg a day half in the morning and half later in the day lve also been suffering constant headaches. I'm currently in Greece so my husband went to the local pharmacy and had a chat with them about the t3 situation in the uk. They sold him which wasn't very expensive a month supply of t3 of a better quality which lve been taking for a week, lm on here to tell everyone what a diffrence a week has made, no headaches, l can get out of bed in the morning, lm sleeping through the night and waking at 7am instead of 3am, l can't begin to tell you how much better l feel and how much more energy l have in just a week. The Dr's in the uk say the t3 is expensive here in Greece it was roughly about £1.00 for a months supply so why is that so l wonder. I will not be sorting my t3 from the uk anymore but will arrange to get it from greece in the future. Just felt l needed to let others in the same position as myself know.

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I am glad you are feeling much better of Greek T3. However, 20mcg of UK T3 is around the equivalnce to 60mcg of levothyroxine, which is quite a low dose.


UK T3 is in tablets of 20 mcg. Greek T3 is 25 mcg. So, by taking the Greek T3 you've had an increase in dose of 5 mcg. That could account for the improvement in your symptoms.


Whereabouts are you in Greece ?




Click onto my name and you can learn more :-)


I too found the Greek Uni Pharma the best T3.

Morningside Healthcare T3 in Uk I find is better than Mercury Pharma

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