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New blood results and I think they might actually be pretty good?

After absolutely crawling my way through the past 6 weeks feeling terrible I woke up feeling much much better today which was a nice surprise! I've just collected my most recent blood tests result and they're looking pretty good I think. The receptionist told me the Dr wouldn't need to see me but I'm booked in to see him this week anyway because I still think I'm slightly under medicated. I think my TSH is still a little high (trying to get it under 1) and my T4 might be a bit low? I was quite pleased with my T3 though.

Would be great to get any advice on what type of increase to ask for?

Ferritin: 102 previously 133 (15-150)

Folate: 14.98 previously 6 (2.5 -19.5)

FT3: 4.4 not previously tested (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4: 15.9 previously 15.1 (12-22)

TSH: 2.07 previously 7.9 (0.27 - 4.2)

Thanks in advance.

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T4 39% thu range, T3 35% thu range. Room for improvement. I'd ask for a 25 mcg inc if taking just levo. Recheck bloods 6-8 weeks.

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Thanks beh1, I'm just on levo so will ask for 25mg more.


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