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Has any one tried Tirosint?

My doctor prescribe Tirosint (synthetic T4) which does not contain unhealthy filers and hypoallergenic they say. gelatin, glycerin and water

She preferred to prescribe synthetic T4 rather than NDT.

I give it a try but it is very expensive. I don't know if it sells in Europe but it is expensive in the U.S. 28 gel cap per box. Discounted price is like $120 per 28 ea. Price is the same for all dosage. My pharmacist asked me to buy 150mcg and eat half if my dosage is 75mcg for saving but it is gel cap which can not be cut in half.

Manufacturer's coupon offer $35 for people with no insurance, but I have insurances and my insurances do not cover that brand at all.

If it works well, it is worth paying that much a month but...

Just wondering if anyone had taken Tirosint and see difference.

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Yes I take it with NDT. Plain NDT did not have enough T4 for me but I felt crummy on T4 only. ( The coupon is when you do have insurance. I tried levothroid and it gave me stomach problems. I feel like I got more headaches on tirosint. I'd be interested to see how you feel.

I'd say give it a try but it really takes at least 6 weeks at one dose before it kicks in and get a blood test to make sure your levels are good. I felt crummy my first year in it but I think it was because I was not taking enough

I feel better on tirosint with NDT than I did feel great on tirosint alone it depends if your body can make enough T3 from T4 but most people I think feel better on T4 and T3 together Be patient it really takes time


Thank you for yr reply. Have a good weekend.


If it is only t4 you could always take the 150 mcg every other day. T4 has a Long half life so you won't be overmedicated by doing it that way. I'm sure there were some trails with t4 were the participants had one big dose a week, ask your pharmacist if that is an option ....

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Being UK-based, we don't see many people on Tirosint. However, having seen a trickle of reports around, it does appear popular in the sense of being, perhaps, the preferred form of levothyroxine.

Your pharmacist, maybe with the best of motives, is an idiot! :-)

I think it might be available in Switzerland but not absolutely sure, and it is possibly also available elsewhere in Europe but at most only in a few countries. Ironically, it is a European product but marketing decisions sent it mostly to the USA.

I don't like to think of Tirosint not containing unhealthy fillers, or excipients, simply because some people are at least relatively intolerant of glycerin.


I take Tirosint. It works very well for me and I have no ill effects. (I had stomach issues with Unithroid, a generic. I seem to be sensitive to fillers). So for me, Tirosint is worth the cost. I'm glad, however, that I don't pay full price.

I'm in the US. Tirosint is very expensive without insurance. My doctor filled out a prior authorization form and got my insurance company to cover it. My copay is $50 (for a 30-day supply). I then use a discount code off of a savings card from the manufacturer. (I got the savings card from my endo). So that brings it down to $35 (for a 30-day supply). Just recently, my insurance program changed and I now pay $80 for a 90-day supply. (I no longer have to use the discount card since i pay less than $35/month, which is the lowest limit on the card).

Yes, they are gel caps but they are solid so you CAN cut them in half with an Xacto knife/razor blade. I've done this with success. But Pixielula is correct that you can alternate days at 150mcg. Easiest way to keep track of doing that is to use a pillbox with the days of the week. .



My pharmacist also recommended to cut it in half as it is expensive and I did not know that is can be cut since it is gel cap. I heard from pharmacist today I can pay as low as $35 but I need my doctor to send prior authorization to insurance company. Otherwise, I should pay $70 with the manufacturer's discount offer.

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Yay!! Good luck! The prior auth shouldn't take too long and I do hope your ins company approves it!




Milkwoman's advice is great!

Best coupons are at goodrx (dot com)

URL is

Hope this helps!

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