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Vitamin/mineral blood results advice please

Hi carrying on from first post here are all vitamin and mineral levels. Any advice about supplementing would be appreciated. Doctor has prescribed ferrous fumarate to take 2 times a day, folic acid once a day and vitamin D 800iu once a day.Thank you.

Serum ferritin 16 (15 - 150)

*Serum folate 2.27 (2.5 - 19.5)

*Serum calcium 2.18 (2.2 - 2.6)

*Serum calcium adjusted 2.18 (2.2 - 2.6)

*Total 25 OH vitamin D 33.7 >75 adequate)

Serum vitamin B12 226 (190 - 900)

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Hi - I see you have already been told you have Hashis and also need a dose increase of thyroxine. Against that background you have the serious deficiencies that are very common with this combo.

From the top:

Ferritin: this needs to be an absolute minimum of 70, better 100-130 for thyroid to be effective. This is what your ferrous is for. You need to take each one with 1000 vit c to aid absorption and avoid digestive problems. This needs to be taken 4 hrs away from levo and 2 hrs from other supplements.

Folate: this needs to be at least mid-range so approx 11+. Your folic acid is for this. this works as a pair with vit b12.

B12 - works with folate. UK ranges are set too low and anything below 500 can cause neurological problems. The ideal for thyroid is at least 1000. This is water soluble so higher is not dangerous as your body expels it in urine. To bring this up get some sublingual (dissolves under tongue) methylcobalamin 5000mcg lozenges (I use Solgar). This avoids absorption problems as it goes straight to bloodstream. Also take a multi-B to balance them all out.

Vit D - optimum for thyroid and general health, is 100-120. Yours is really quite low. You should take 5000iu D3 per day for around 3 months, then reduce to every other day and re-test in May. You can get sprays - Better You - or softgel capsules - Bodykind is sometimes recommended. With this it is important to take vit k2-mk7 to direct the increased uptake of calcium to bones rather than arteries and magnesium (I use 400 magnesium citrate).

Avoid cheap supplements, generally a waste of money. Brands normally recommended include Jarrow, Solgar and Thorne.

Getting all these levels up will help with a lot of symptoms. When combined with a dose increase, you should feel considerably better in the not so distant future,

Good luck

Gillian xx


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