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Hi all

I'd be grateful for advice on spacing doses of (metavive) so I minimise problems: one v early is fine but had been taking second about 4. If I want to make it 3... I get confused w timing of food and vitamins

Now attempting to take 2-3 capsules one at a time to see if throats problems pass - will have blood results next week to see what's going on hormone & TSH wise - as private GP said to experiment and see how many I can take with minimum problems for a couple of weeks 😓 It's that or switch over to Levo/T3 combo and he's like to see if I can tolerate the metavive more.

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  • Kittysmummy,

    Doesn't the Metavive bottle or patient information leaflet advise whether it should be taken with or away from food?

  • It says to take one per day before a meal or as directed by practitioner. So maybe 30 mins before a meal?

  • Kittysmummy,

    Maybe 60 mins would be better.

  • Ok. So maybe 6:30, 12:30, 4:30? If I have breakfast at 7:30, does that leave long enough to take an iron supplement somewhere?

  • You could take iron after the evening meal

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