Sharing supplier details

When you share the information about suppliers, please think carefully before you tell someone about whom you know nothing the details of suppliers.

Do not imagine that someone intent on shutting down our supplies of NDT and T3 wouldn't join this board to ask for details. If someone asks you for this information and they have never participated in the board or filled out there profile, they may be shy, or they may not be genuine.

I will be VERY peeved if I lose the last few suppliers of NDT and have to fly all the way to Thailand for my medication. We are already down to only three that I know of, and that makes me feel really, really insecure.

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  • Ruthi,

    I'm not inclined to share sources with members who don't give some background either on the forum or on their profile. In quite a few cases it transpires the requestor is under medicated and would probably be fine if they were optimally medicated on Levothyroxine.

  • Good point.

  • Ruthi,

    I agree with you 100%. I always check the HU profile of the person who is asking for supplier's contact details. I only share the details if they are able to provide a seemingly genuine history of their illness. One can never be 100% certain though. Call me paranoid ;)

    I completely depend on T3-only medication and I also would be very pi***d off if my trusted supplier suddenly disappeared.

  • This is just one of the reasons that we don't allow people to post the sources on the board.

  • I agree I get mine from Thailand and had to really hunt to find a decent supplier.

  • Agree absolutely. It's always been a worry of mine. I'm happy to share when we have information and, as Clutter says, sometimes when we see results it's an increase in Levo that's needed, not T3.

    I've had a few PMs from brand new members, joined that day and never posted, asking for details, I ignore those messages.

  • I posted on another forum that not to openly post names of suppliers and I had a hard job persuading them that these sources should be protected!

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