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I'm currently on 100mcg of Levo and 18.75mcg of T3.

I'm still tired around the 2/3pm mark and I'm wondering about trying NDT as I've read the release of T3 is over a period of time and not in one hit. Plus it seems to have much more benefits then my current meds.

Could someone please DM me where I can buy NDT and how much I should take? Also how do I change from my current T4 and T3 to NDT.

Thanks for your help in advance

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  • Lindsayf,

    Have you had your thyroid levels checked to see that your current dose and levels are optimal?

    You could try taking an extra 6.25mcg T3 around 12.30 -1.00pm but you'd have to wait around an hour after taking it to eat.

    The only way to not have T3 or T3 in NDT in one hit is to split the doses. Neither are slow release.

    100mcg Levothyroxine and 18.75mcg T3 is roughly equivalent to 2.5 grains NDT.

  • Hi

    I had them checked about 2 weeks ago and I'm waiting for the GP to receive my results from my Endo which means I can then have a print out.

    I remember my TSH is 0.02 and my FT3 is 4 which is now just in the normal range.

    I increased my T3 from 12.5 to 18.75 and my FT3 only change slightly.

    I take Iron tablets at 11am and early afternoon I take B12s which is why I've struggled splitting the dose in the past.

    I've also read the NDT is much better for you but I also understand everyone is different.

  • Lindsayf,

    Make sure you take iron 4 hours away from Levothyroxine and T3.

    If you raised T3 more than 6 weeks ago you could increase to 25mcg.

  • I've only increase to 18.75 in the last week and that's against my Endo's advice.

    I take my Levo and T3 about 6am and then Iron at 11am :)

  • Lindsayf,

    It will take a few weeks to feel the benefit of the increased dose.

  • Okay thanks :)

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