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Anyone switched from ndt to Levo and found the transition smooth?


I'm after anyone's experiences of switching over to levo from NDT specifically in relation to pregnancy but all inputs welcome .

I am well on ndt but just checking out my options for when I get pregnant .

My t4 is bottom of the range on ndt and I'm wondering about switching for the sake of ease while pregnant .

What I'm concerned about though is messing up the levels and stability I currently have and making myself unwell unnecessarily .

Was it straightforward ? How quickly did you settle ? Was it a positive move? What were the advantages /disadvantages ? Was there a lot of tinkering with dosage? How long did it take until you felt optimal?

Thanks kindly .

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Hi Katoir, when you say you want to switch 'for the sake of ease' what do you mean exactly? Is it because you take multiple doses during the day, which interferes with when you can eat. That is the biggest hassle for me, but, in my opinion, it is well worth putting up with in return for how ill I felt on Levo. If you are well and stable on NDT, I would think very carefully about changing. I can't give any specific advice about pregnancy, but good luck.



I meant by ease that I sometimes feel tired with all the self managing and a little alone . It's taken me the best part of a year to sort my levels so not something I'm wanting to give up lightly but I'm tired of the responsibility .

That said I wouldn't trade where I am for more of the same - jeopardising my health on any way .

I'm just researching really as I expect to be pressured to go on Levo if pregnant and if it made for a stress free pregnancy would consider it . Your response implies otherwise though !

I don't want to switch but I think I need to be clear about what is best before I start .

The low end of range t4 slightly bothers me and I wonder if will cause issues with the gp.

Thanks for your wishes and response .


Switching quickly from a T4/T3 mix to T4 only is tricky. Especially if a patient has been on NDT for a while. The body is not made up of a lot of on/off switches that you can turn on and off at liberty. It gets used to a particular regime over time and will strongly resist any change. If you change it should be gradual over months with careful honest self-assessment as to how its going health wise. And changing for pregnancy adds another layer of complexity. This should all be thought out carefully as to why you want to switch if the present NDT is working OK.


Thank you

These are the sort of honest answers was hoping for whilst making enquiries.

It seems even more absurd then that pregnant women are expected to do so .


If your thyroid levels are not right, you may not get pregnant anyway, so switching may jeopardise your chances. 'What is best' is what is working for you. You sound like you are asking for support with the self managing. This Forum is a good place to share your experiences. Is there a local thyroid group in your area where you can contact women in similar circumstances? Thyroid UK has lists of local groups.


Maybe - I'm ok , keen to know others experiences on ndt in pregnancy especially with regards to the lower t4 readings . Not a lot of info in that dept.

Want to be forearmed and confident as well as weighing up things as much as possible .

I'm well and want to stay that way and make myself as well informed as possible. I really don't want to miscarry again because I didn't research properly or thought something was ok when it wasn't .

Thanks for replying Scazzoh. X

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