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Teva: Intolerence/allergy? (updated)

Hi all

Having been on Actavis Levothyroxine for 20+ years, but the reintroduction of Teva to the market resulted in me starting Teva medication 12 days ago. I take 225mcg Levothyroxine/day and only the 25mcg tablets are now Teva (the 2 x 100 are still Actavis.

The last week I have started to itch all over whenever i get warm it seems (post bath, or entering a warm venue). It is a general all over itch (not area specific) which results in a few hives. I am just wondering if this is a reaction to the Teva or not or if anyone has had similar?

I have not changed washing powder/soap/shampoo brand for months so can rule that out I think.

I did start self medicating with 25mcg T3 back in December 2016 (Tiromel) in addition to my 225mcg Levothyroxine, and have no Hyperthyroid symptoms: increased pulse, tremors, palpitations, etc so am not convinced it is the T3 causing the itching.

I have a blood test in next 2 weeks to check thyroid function so that may shed some light maybe? Any help/advice/experience would be appreciated. Thank you :)

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Stop taking the Teva 25mcg. Quarter one of the 100mcg Actavis or halve one and take 50mcg alternate days to average 225mcg. If the itching resolves you are having an allergic reaction to Teva. Ask your pharmacist to swap the Teva for Wockhardt 25mcg and make a Yellow Card Report

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Thank you Clutter :)

I was thinking of doing that to rule out the Teva. Will do and will report back :)

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Tell your doctor to specify the brand that you get on with!

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Hi All. Here is the update :(

I switched from Teva to my previous brand for a few days and still no improvement so think that is ok.

After searching some posts, decided I may be overmedicated with T3, so stopped that and just took my Levothyroxine and all the itching stopped! :D I had no other symptoms of overmedication (raised heartbeat/temperature/blood pressure etc) just the itching.

I had a private blood test done last week (medichecks) the day I stopped the T3 to confirm if it was too high, but sadly there was some problem with the sample: insufficient they say, but the sample was filled correctly. I have been offered a repeat test free, but as I have not had T3 for a week I doubt we will ever know for sure if it was the T3 as levels should have normalised by now :(

I do have a Thyroid Function test with my GP this week, so who knows what it may show?

My suspicion was excess T3, but difficult to confirm now :(


Well my blood test is back, i stopped taking T3 a week before test.

Seems my T4 has reduced slightly but my TSH has vanished :o lol

I guess this may be normal when taking T3 on top of Levothyroxine?

Sadly they did not test T3 so a proper conclusion of cause not forthcoming sadly :(


Confirmed this is indeed a Teva issue and made a new post:


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