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Actavis v Accord levothyroxine


I usually get the actavis brand of levothyroxine, if the pharmacy forgets and gives me Teva, I give it straight back before leaving the counter. It gives me terrible heartburn. So now the pharmacy have given me accord saying it's made by the same company as actavis.

So, anyone know the difference between these two products: actavis brand and accord brand levothyroxine?

I believe it's the mannitol in Teva that causes the problems.

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They are the same tablet just a different name 😊


See helvella's list of available Levo tablets here

Accord used to be called Actavis.

After Actavis stopped branding, I was given Accord as it’s the same thing under a different brand name.

The only difference between them that I have noticed is that I can’t break Accord in half with my finger nails, they are much harder than Actavis was.

I have to use a pill cutter now that isn’t as accurate and sometimes chips bits off.

Other than that they are the same.

I'm not having any problem breaking the Accord tabs with my fingers as usual, I haven't noticed any difference 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know why then, because it’s the third pack I haven’t been able to break. I’m due my new prescription in a few days if the assistant delivers them as she said she would. So I’ll find out if it was just that issue or not if the new ones break easily.

The mannitol in Teva causes me problems with diarrhoea so that my prescriptions are specifically set up for the pharmacy not to give me Teva. I'm fine with lactose and have always been till getting the Teva, which contains mannitol, from a chemist I don't usually use. I'm usually given mercury pharma, fine.

Yes it’s the same almus and actavis I have the same problem with teva actavis supply boots under name accord In 2017 actavis uk rebranded as accord

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