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Is there a Blue Horizon voucher code?

There used to be a TUK discount and this page says there should be a voucher code but I can't find one.

Trying to buy the Thyroid + 12 and arranging my own phlebotomy.

I seem to remember reading something about BH reducing prices so maybe no more voucher codes - ?


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I believe Medichecks offer a similar service and are promoting the launch of their new website this month with a 10% discount using the code DISCOVER.

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I don't think special voucher codes for Thyroid UK are used any more. BH have special offers quite often and will advertise special codes people can use on their websites or via email to previous customers.

For example, at the end of January I bought £450 worth of tests for £150 because they were offering 3 free tests with some orders.

The special offers are often only available for the first X people who apply or for a limited time so you have to check back frequently (or read their emails if you are a previous customer).


Thanks for that. I did see that 3 for 1 special but I'm arranging my own phlebotomy and it doesn't apply. Great value though.


The testing I bought had phlebotomy included in the price. I went to a Spire hospital, the blood was taken and I just left it there. I didn't even have to post it.

I used this site :

Nuffield hospitals have a similar arrangement with BH :

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Yes, it's a great arrangement but would be at least an hour's travel for me while my friend who is a phlebotomist lives in the next road. :-)


Ah! Best arrangement of all!

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I'm agoraphobic, otherwise I'd go w the cheap and cheerful tests! I can get to the next road without too much fuss though.


Hi Everyone,

We're looking at pricing currently. I've been told by the lab that Reverse T3 will be going up significantly (£30 or more) which is unfortunate, but we'll be issuing a press release next week with some big news which should be good for everyone.

Thanks for all of your support,

Paul 😊


I like the Profile on your Page i.e.

"Hello, My name is Paul Harris. I initially started as a means to offer affordable private health screening and medicals to people who were unable to afford the 'big bucks', and have through popular request expanded the service to include blood testing also. I am always available to answer questions about the range of private blood tests that we offer. Find out more about what I do at"

I did use a service at a Private Hospital for a specifc blood test in London yesterday, recommended by you,and by the time I got home the results were on my email. :)


Hi Shaws,

That's great news! Some of our tests can't be accessed postally so it's satisfying to know that through our London service at we were able to service your needs.

Paul :-)


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