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Hi everyone,

I am going to get an advanced thyroid panel from Blue Horizon. The finger prick test is actually a little more expensive (£108 inc tuk discount) than the normal one (£92 inc discount. They also have a PayPal discount on At the moment which gets 20% off, which is why it's that price). Is it possible to take your own blood with this one? I had read a few things saying I could but just wanted confirmation. I'm pretty sure I could take my own blood without freaking out but I just want to know if it's safe to do so.


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  • I cant comment on taking your own blood, wont your surgery do it for you? I got receptionist to ask my GP, and one of the nurses did it for me.

  • If you mean the finger prick test, it is simple Katiepoopops,

    Squeeze finger, prick the end, squeeze out drops of blood onto strip or whatever they send you, and post it all off.

    If taken from a vein, then obviously a phlebotomist would have to do this and you could ask your GP's to draw blood for a straight forward blood test.

    I recently had to pay £30.00 at The Nuffield for a private blood draw as blood needed spinning and separating so only plasma was sent to labs.


  • As I mentioned in my reply to your other post, I've just used Blue Horizon for one of their comprehensive tests (four or five tubes needed) and had blood drawn at The Spire. There was no extra charge for the blood draw, it was all Incuded in the price and they couriered ot to BH, and the actual test I had was on special offer at the time. A bit further down the line I will be having just thyroid tests done and I will be doing the finger prick one and that's very easy to do yourself.

  • The Spire tests from Blue Horizon are actually done by Spire themselves, Blue Horizon just does the selling, the reporting and the admin.

    I had my blood taken for a Spire test from BH, and I asked about delivery to BH. I was told my blood was only going as far as the basement of the building I was in where Spire had a fully-equipped laboratory for performing all the blood tests they did locally. :D

  • Maybe it depends on the hospital?? The nurse who took my blood definitely said they'd get a courier to pick it up.

    My son (who drove me there and waited in reception) overheard someone on the staff say that they "farm out" some operations. That particular Spire isn't very big, and there's a large NHS hospital less than half a mile down the road. Someone turned up at the Spire for a scheduled appointment for some sort of scan, they phoned for an ambulance and the patient was transported to the NHS hospital for the scan!

    Whichever way it's done I found it to be a very useful and informative test and has given me far more information than my GP ever would and it's given me a starting point which I hope will lead me to feeling better than I have done for years :) . I just think it's very sad that we have to take so much upon ourselves when so much more could be done for us if our GPs and Endos would ony listen :( .

  • I agree, the Spire comprehensive tests are very good indeed.

  • I did the finger prick test. Once you got the hang of the technique it was easy. I had to prick 2 fingers, but that was because I wasn't doing it right. They say you have to 'milk' your finger to squeeze it out. Once you do this it is easy. They send cleaning swab to wipe first.

  • Thanks for your replies everyone. I actually meant drawing my own blood but it sounds like the finger prick test is safer.

  • Fingerprick test is really easy to do. Just read the instructions through thoroughly - twice. Lay all the stuff you will need out in the order you will use it before you start. Make sure your hands are warm and I've read that it helps to have a drink of water or something like that first. Can definitely recommend the fingerprick tests.

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