Please recommend a professional who can help me with high cortisol and hormone issues?

I tried to add T3 to my 75mcg of Levo a few days ago starting with a 5mcg dose and as a result I felt terribly tired in the afternoon but I had terrible insomnia later that night. I tried it for 3 days and stopped. The insomnia improved the following night but the afternoon fatigue continued. I have problems with elevated cortisol and it may be that T3 might affected it. Results here:

I've read that if thyroid medication makes you feel terrible it is because you're stressed and your HPA axis can't handle it. You have to decrease stress and calm down the HPA axis before you add Thyroid hormone. This was from Janey Bowthorpe's book Stop The Thyroid Madness II.

I know I get stressed very easily and need to do something about this. I probably need some adaptogens but I'm reluctant to do this without supervision. Also my sex hormones I'm sure aren't right. This month my periods have started after 23 days. My cycle varies massively anyway and they are very heavy. I've been recommended progesterone cream by Dr P and another Endo recommended DHEA but again I'd rather be under the supervision of a hormone specialist or functional medicine practitioner who can run hormone tests or maybe I can run my own tests and get their opinion. I also have Hashimotos which I'm trying to treat by adopting a gluten free diet and taking selenium.

If somebody has experience of this please let me know, or private message the name of the physician. I'm based in London. Thanks.

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  • Might be worth looking at Moducare which is on this list:

    Alternative sterols and sterolin product without fillers:

    Relaxation is important along with taking steps to lower stress. Try to make time for relaxing activities like meditation, yoga, lavender baths, listening to music etc.

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