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After a positive experience with the Endo, it was back to the GP for the results of the tests he ordered. I booked in with my usual GP but arrived to find she had swapped clinics with a different doctor (who I don't rate - would have cancelled the appt if I had known!).

My normal GP had told me she wanted to see my Vit D levels towards top of the range and TSH towards the bottom, but this doc saw they were (just) in range for the first time and concluded everything was ok. When I queried this, she said it was fine "unless I felt unwell". I have been visiting for months BECAUSE I feel unwell. Why assume rather than actually ASK "how are you feeling?". Anyway, I don't have T3/T4 results unfortunately but I insisted on upping my thyroxine to achieve a lower do you think I did right (doc referred to it as "some people feel better being overmedicated")?

Also, I asked about the tests the endo had ordered to rule out other autoimmune conditions (I have confirmed pernicious anaemia and symptoms such as Raynaud's / joint pain / tiredness and poor stamina still). The doc told me they were all fine, but I asked for a print out as per your suggestions. IgG was Negative, ESR normal, Liver function, FBC, U&E's and urine ACR all normal but Serum Cortisol was 310 (<420nmol/L does not exclude adrenal insufficiency, consider short Synthacten test) and Creatinine Kinase 861 IU/L (24-170).

I appreciate that these may be nothing needing intervention, even tough out of range but it would've been nice to have that discussion. Any advice please?

I feel that my health has been on a downwards spiral for ages and I just want to optimise everything here and now and know where I am...

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"some people feel better being overmedicated"

Some people prefer to see a GP who isn't talking out of her @rse.

This is a GP who is happier looking at blood results and graphs than meeting the eye of her patient and asking. With tools like this, you have to be assertive.

Forge on, Sisalcat. Make a further appointment and phone to check 'your' GP is actually there to take the appointment prior to attending.


Thank you so much Rapunzel, your encouragement is very much appreciated ;-)


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