Overactive Thyroid

Morning everyone, I've just had a blood test done last week.

My appointment with my specialist cancelled and none rebooked as no appointments !

So I went to my GP he just tested my TSH 0.07 and serum free T4 levels 13.

I feel lousy very tired ! And was wondering if it's because my TSH increased previously it's been 0.01 for the last few years. I had radioactive Iodine last year but it didn't work and went back to being over active again ! So back in the carbimazole 10 mg at the moment. I'm worried because with no appointment looming at the hospital that I may go under active if I continue on 10 mg and feel worse than I do now.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Bunty0604,

    What is the FT4 lab ref range (the figures in brackets after the result)?

    You are obviously responding to 10mg Carbimazole because TSH has risen.

  • Lab ranges

    TSH 0.10 - 5.00 mU/l

    Serum free t4 8.00 - 19.00pmol/L


  • Bunty0604,

    FT4 13 is a gnat's under half way through range so you aren't over medicated on 10mg Carbimazole. As TSH is responding it would be a good idea to ask your GP to retest in 8 weeks, sooner if you feel hypo. If FT4 drops or TSH rises >1.0 you can probably reduce Carbimazole to 5mg.

  • Thanks very much :) just feel more off than usual ! maybe it's because my body use to being higher ! This is the first time my TSH has risen in the 3 years since I became overactive 3 years ago. X

  • Bunty0604,

    Perhaps you could try 5mg instead of 10mg.

  • I've been alternating the last few days 10 /5 I'll try and phone my endo on Monday but think he's had to go on call so that's why they've been cancelling appointments! Thanks for your advice x

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