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Hi all went to docs today and had a good chat to her, showed her dr Toft's article from pulse magazine and she's agreed to put my levo back up to 100/125mcg alternate days even thou my Tsh is suppressed as long as t4 doesn't go over top of the range I can stay at that dose.what a relief.i want to thank everyone on here who have really helped me to get this great result, without your help and support I would still be a miserable mess.xx

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  • That's great, Raventhorpe. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Well done Raventhorpe :) I hope you do well on your increased dose.

  • My tsh is suppressed, t4 just over range and t3 good.I monitor my pulse and morning temp and only seem to have hypo symptoms (constipation, easily running out of steam, dry skin, joint pain , weight gain etc) although they are so much better on 150. It's a constant battle to maintain dose with gp but I suffer a lot if reduce dose to 125 even one day a week , my temp dives I get bone cold, puffy face and body and even too tired to eat (yes really!) I think I'd be better on less levo but with some t3 added in. My last endo has also suggested upping vit d.

  • Hi mrsm49 yes I know exactly what you mean, just a small dose change makes such a difference,this is the dose I was on last Aug and I had been on for a while, I managed to lose all the weight I had gained (4st) and I felt soo good only for doc to drop dose and back to feeling crappy, so back to all the usual hypo symptoms but worst for me is the mental ones I get the brain fog, mood swings, depression, I'm so difficult to live with when I'm like that, think my husband deserves a medal for putting up with me, still onwards and upwards , back to diet to lose the 1st I've gained since aug,s still I feel one of the lucky ones as if dose is right T4 works for me .this forum has been my life line the last few months, I have learnt so much and I'm sure being knowledgeable about the thyroid got me my higher dose back.take care x

  • Good luck xx

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