Good news! Pathology results

Hi guys!

It's now 6 weeks since I had my thyroid removed. Saw my surgeon today and it's good news. The clinical summary reported benign multinodular goitre. One of my Parathyroids and two lymph nodes (both benign) were removed as they were embedded in my thyroid. There were areas of haemorrhage.

My Levothyroxine has been reduced to 125mcg and I will now try to wean off the Calcium.

It was such a relief that I burst into tears! It's definitely made me a better person and grateful for what I have. Thank you so much for all your support and advice.


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  • That's good news indeed!

    I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas now that you know what was going on. Onwards and upwards for the New Year. :)

  • Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you too. X

  • Time now to get back to being you! I think I was determined not to allow this illness to define me and where I was because of it. Hence a crazy year way out my comfort zone

    Merry Christmas and splendid 2017. 😊🎉🎉

  • Merry Xmas and Happy New Year too. X

  • That's good news; now you can go forward, enjoy your Christmas and very best wishes for 2017.

  • Great news! So pleased for you!

  • yay!!! thats great news ,have a good xmas good luck for 2017 xx

  • Tamzin27,

    That's wonderful news, you must be very relieved.

  • What lovely news! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    All the best and take care.

    TT x

  • Congratulations ! ! Great news, I can't believe you waited 6 weeks though ! I had my results last week exactly 2 weeks after the op. Mine were also good results.

    Have a great Christmas ! x

  • So pleased for you too. Yes, 6 weeks! To be fair, my surgeon went on holiday. Maybe if it was bad news, they would have call med in the meantime.

  • Thank you to all your lovely comments.

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