Will Taking Steroids Affect Thyroid Results, in Particular, Thyroid Antibodies TPO & Tg?

Hello All. Just a quick question...

I've been taking steroids since the beginning of December and am likely to be on them for at least another four weeks.

Is this likely to affect thyroid results, in particular thyroid antibodies TPO and Tg?

And if so, how long would I have to wait, post-treatment, until I could be assured of an accurate result.

The hospital failed to do the antibody tests so I'm going to get them done via Blue Horizon, but as the test is quite expensive, I don't want to risk ending up with a set of potential skewed results 😖.

Thanks all 👍

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  • Foggyme,

    Barrister reported that TSH became suppressed while she was having steroid injections. The study below seems to suggest that steroids will affect thyroid and thyroid antibody levels.


  • Goodness Clutter...that was a quick reply 😄.

    Thanks for the link...I'll have a read and, I guess, wait the allotted time before testing.


  • This might have a smidgem of relevance


  • Damn...

    Beaten to it ^

  • Thanks Steap...I'll read them both (second read will pick up things I miss first time around 😄).

  • Hi Foggyme. If you look on the Thyroid UK web site and go to the section "Adverse Effects of drugs chemicals and foods" you will read that steroids "put a strain on the thyroid gland and can also affect tests.

  • Thanks Pugdogs10. I'll whizz over and have a look 🏃


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