Hi there. I'm looking for help please. I was diagnosed last year and am on 75mg of levothyroxine though not feeling any better. I'm awaiting my latest results as I type but my problem is this. One of my symptoms is dry sore eyes which I take drops for 3 X daily. I work in a school and the teacher directed the children to look at the red text on the board today but I could only see blue and black text. The teacher then went on to type some more blue, which I could see and then highlighted it to change it to red. Whilst highlighted I could see it was red but when she clicked off the highlight it looked more black though I knew it was red? My eyes have been deteriorating over the past few years resulting in me having to wear glasses due to astigmatism which I never knew I had. Should I be worried?

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  • Redrozle,

    Sounds like you have a degree of colour blindness. An optician can probably arrange the relevant testing.

  • That's what my teacher thought but I've always passed the tests at the opticians for that before.

  • Redroz1e,

    I would see an optician nevertheless.

  • Completely agree that an optician visit should be arranged.

    There are a number of sites which have a lot of information and some tests on them. If you go to the first one below for general information, and the second has a set of tests.

    Take your time, and read any special requirements such as turning lights on or off, or whatever else they say.

  • Thanks for your response. I've followed your links and undertaken the tests and once again they say I have normal colour vision so it all seems a bit odd.

  • Redroz1e,

    Inappropriate levels of thyroid hormone can play havoc with your colour vision. At one point, I lost colour vision altogether and saw everything in monochrome.

    Here's an interesting article from 2011 about how important thyroid hormone is in this respect.

    So as well as getting checked out by a good optician, you need to ensure you are receiving the right dose and type of thyroid hormone replacement.

  • I was hoping that it was nothing to do with my thyroid as at the moment I always seem to have something wrong with me! My results have come back and are all 'normal ' so no action to be taken. Levo doesn't seem to make any difference to how I feel and the doctor said I might never feel how I used to.

  • Redroz1e, Do you have your actual thyroid test result numbers? If so, please post them and members will comment. Most doctors class 'normal' as being within the lab test range numbers. However, experienced patients will tell you that 'normal' is an individual thing. For example, typically, TSH needs to be around 1 for most people to stand a chance of feeling well.

  • My results are

    TSH 2.1 0.3-4.2

    T3 4.5 4-6.8

    T4 20.9 12-22

    This is only my second set of results so I'm not really up to speed with it all yet.

  • Someone with more knowledge than me can advise you, but your TSH is too high T3 to low . You need an increase in meds

  • Thank you. That is what I thought but my doctor says it's fine so how do you argue with that?

  • You need to repost those numbers , they will be missed in that thread . You need more support from better me xx

    Good luck

  • Thank you Gcart. I've had a u turn from my doctor today and she has increased my dose so hopefully I will soon feel the benefit. Thanks again for your support. Xx

  • Wow she most have read up on it 😀 Or watched Trust Me I am a Doctor 👏👏xxhope u feel the benefit soon. X

  • Thanks again xx

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