How to use the finger pricker properly!

How to use the finger pricker properly!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a finger pricker test kit for B12, folate and ferritin (and have another for D3 as well if I can get enough blood!). Anyway last time I tried this I had a lot of problems using the Blue Horizon finger prickers that have blue bottoms and white tops. Maybe I just panicked (certainly felt pretty anxious doing the whole routine as I didn't want to mess it up) but I couldn't get them to work! In the end I resorted to using some unused finger prickers of a different type from another older test, which thankfully worked.

I did watch the video associated with the test but I'm still not 100% clear. You remove the cover from the lower (blue) part (that the lancet will pop out from), you place that end against the side of either your middle or ring finger, pressing it firmly... then... how do you release the lancet ? Do you have to push down on the white part? It doesn't help that the instruction leaflet shows a different pricker and mentions a 'purple button end' that must be pressed! (MediChecks kit). However the lancet they provide is the blue and white type. When I tried last time nothing happened and I had to resort to the other type (I have none left now).

The D3 kit (city assays) also has the same type of pricker. I really want to know EXACTLY what I need to do for success! If someone could explain it would be wonderful! :)

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  • I had that type from Medichecks, take the tip off, push down firmly on your finger and the spring loaded lancet should click and stab your finger, you do have to be quite firm, not easy when you know what's coming, ouch !

    Good luck 😀

  • Yeah I am such a coward! :D So simply twist off the end bit, then push against finger and it should click? It all sounds so straightforward till you're sitting there surrounded with various bits and bobs! Thank you for your reply bantam12. :)

  • Yep, hold the white part and push the blue end firmly down on your finger, the small blue section around the actual lancet moves up as you push down and releases the sprung lancet. It doesn't hurt when you do it but does sting afterwards and I always get a bruise but on the whole it's easy.

  • OK got it! Many thanks! Will be posting my results once they come through. :)

  • Make sure you take plenty of fluids on the day before, also when you press the lancet against your finger keep it there for a second or so and you should get plenty of lovely blood.

  • Yes, I will do, I realised last time I tried I must have been a bit dehydrated as it took ages to get enough blood out!

  • Don't prick finger tip right on the end as there are lots of nerve endings there and it can be left sore for days. Best to prick towards the side of finger tip.

  • Also get your fingers warm by holding them in warm water for a while beforehand.

  • I find that a brisk "walk" around the house and/or up and down stairs a few times, for about 5 mins, first. This helps get the blood pumping around. Then warm hand in bowl of hot water.

    Also helps to stand up, with arm hanging downwards to keep blood flowing, while filling the tube. Rather than sitting with arm going upwards trying to persuade the blood out.

    Prick the side of the finger, alongside the nail (but not too close to nail). Has better blood supply there than on finger tips.

    I do sometimes get bruise, but not always

  • I feel like I'm preparing for an Olympic event. :D

  • I could never get any type of spring loaded lancet to work; I think my fingers are too tough. I ended up breaking them and just stabbing myself as hard as possible with the spike bit - for vit D test I had to use a kitchen knife.

  • Sadly didn't work for me despite all advice above :( But Blue Horizon quickly sent a vacutainer so I got my surgery to take blood. I don't give my blood up easily!!

  • You have to press the whole thing against your finger really hard! It feels as if nothing is going to happen because there's nothing to press but it will work. They aren't the easiest ones I've used. I put my hands in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes and that helps with the blood flow.

  • And blood samples taken! Not too bad this time, got a fair bit of blood. I think practice makes perfect. Still needed 3 fingers pricked (had two separate tests to send off) but all done and dusted! Now to await results.

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