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Selenium is not GF


So i had no idea Selenium would have wheat in it?!? I bought the Solgar brand.

Can anyone reccomend a brand that has a Gluten free one or do i not worry about it although i am Gluten Free now?

Also I found this on - line - any good or silly?

Cheers as always.


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I don't eat wheat and I eat lots of brazil nuts for the selenium- they are a rich source.

Good luck



Jumbelina Brazil nuts only contain selenium if they've been grown in selenium rich soil, the packaging will say if they have, otherwise the only way to know how much selenium you are getting is to supplement.

If you can get Brazil nuts grown in selenium rich soil then 2-3 a day is enough.


Thank you- I didn't know that about the soil - interesting. I don't have the info on the soil where the nuts were grown but I like Brazil nuts and am happy to eat them most days so I'll take a chance on getting nutrients from food rather than taking more pills.

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Zuzka1 I use this one, not particularly because it's gluten free but because it's an excellent brand with good bioavailability

It's a nice small tablet with no unpleasant odour like a lot of them have.

Stay away from ThyroAid, it contains the wrong form of B12 (cyanocobalamin, it should be methylcobalamin), also iodine which we shouldn't take unless tested and found deficient, the wrong forms of magnesium and zinc (oxide) and contains soy (us Hypos should avoid soy unless fermented).

You're better off testing vitamins and minerals if not already done and supplement where necessary

Vit D




A good multi mineral (not multi vitamin) that doesn't contain iron, calcium and iodine can be helpful.

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Im a idiot as you can order them with out Gluten - So i've re ordered and asked for a refund on the others.

I thight that THYROID thing looked too good to be true :)


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