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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on here for the advice and support I've received over a very difficult and testing year!

I honestly have never felt so ill in my life and it really was taking its toll. I finally have started taking T3 - which thanks to your help I have sourced from a reputable company. My Endo is supporting me and it was only due to the cost to the NHS that was holding him back prescribing it for me. But after 12 months of no life and severe symptom & repeated flares of thyroiditis I had to do something.

It's now paying off and although it's early days just 10 to be precise I can already feel the difference and hope my health continues to improve. I can't wait to lead a somewhat normal life and even go to the gym!

Never again will I take my health for granted. If it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't be getting the help I needed, able to ask and understand my bloods/tests and what to research in order to help myself especially in areas of diet and supplements - so thank you!

If you are at the beginning of your journey or still struggling please use this forum, ask questions and research to help yourself get better, it is possible and I finally feel I might be getting there. Stay strong & keep positive x

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Lovely to hear! Hope you start to feel better very soon x

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That's fantastic. Really happy things are positive for you now and you are better getting better x

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