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I have had a raised ALT of 41 (range 10 - 36) for the last three years. I saw a consultant and had a liver scan etc and she said I have the start of Autoimmune Liver Disease and that she wanted bloods done every 6 months - that was in November.

In January I had blood taken and my ALT was down to 29! The only things changed in the last 6 months (bearing in mind my previous blood test was only three months ago) is that I have cut gluten out of my diet and had my levo upped to 100mg from 75mg. My last blood test showed my TSH as 2.51 (range 0.27 - 4.20) and it is now 0.108

What are your thoughts? I was wondering if the gluten had been affecting the ALT. I stopped it because although my celiac test came back negative I know I have an issue with wheat products so I thought I would see if it made a difference and I have felt a lot better since stopping it.

Thanks for taking the time to read/comment :)

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You need another blood test to confirm whether going gluten free is keeping your ALT down.

Incidentally high ALT is linked to heart disease, diabetes - - and metabolic syndrome in general. The way to stop metabolic syndrome is to decrease the amount of carbs you eat.


I forgot to say thanks for posting this. If your ALT does stay down can you post back as it will be worth telling others to go gluten free if they have high ALT.

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Yeah will do :)


This article links the two:

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