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Abnormal liver results


I have just returned from gp for latest blood results I have grave and on carbimazole

Tsh 8.00 range 0.3-3.94

Free t 4 10.1 range 12.3-20.2

Free t3 5.4 range 3.7-6.7

She has cut carb to 5 mg

But all she kept on about was my abnormal liver results

I asked her if it could be the carb but she said she didn't know

Maybe so now I'm really worried

When I was originally diagnosed I didn't realise the importance of having copies of blood test but my first endo letter satats normal liver

Then next test in sept showed abnormal

Alp 132 range 30-130

Alt 40 range 0-33

New blood test show

Alt normal 22 range 0-33

Alp abnormal 144 range 35-104

Mchc abnormal 316 range 320-350

Hct abnormal 0.456 range 0.36-0.46

Rdw 16.3 abnormal range 9.9-15.5

Has any one else had messed up bloods with thyroid issues

Thanks in advance

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Glad your GP has reduced Carbimazole as you were overmedicated and have become hypothyroid.

Your ALP is only very slightly raised and may drop now your Carbimazole dose is reduced. Carbimazole can cause abnormal LFTs

High RDW, MCHC and Haematocrit can be due to B12 and/or folate deficiency.


Hi clutter

Thanks for your quick reply Dr had worried me As she wasn't intrested about thyroid just. Kept on about liver I asked if it could be the carb but she said she didn't know and went on about invistgations

Wish she had been that intrested when it took them over year to diagnose graves

It is strange you say that last 3 are possible b12

As I have b12 symptoms as well my b12 is 388

But don't have range as this was in beginning when I didn't know importance of getting results

Dr will not redo test as she says normal range and endo says normal range may be symptons are caused because I have hashi antibodies as well as graves


Rush, When was your B12 test with the 388 result?


Back in the very begging about May June last year I had all the symptoms of under active thyroid but kept coming back normal

Asked to be refered to a rheumy as my daughter has lupus

I went private but he was useless did not even properly examine me I had leg pain loss of balance severe night sweats a sought of prickling feeling in hands and feet also had bad tacycardia which hospital sent me home with and said they would arrange heart mounter et I was a mess he squeezed my arms and legs and said there was nothing wrong and I had fibromalagia I said I was worried I had something else may be Ms

But he just said then you would have 2 illness it was a friend who said this is not right and went with me to Dr as I had private insurance I asked to be sent to Neurolgistshe then panicked did more tests including b12 that's when they found I was hyper but I still have a lot of symptoms but I seem yo yo beetween hyper and hypo so I'm told this is what symptoms are due to


Rush, If you're not already supplementing B12 I would request your GP does another B12 and folate test to rule out deficiency in light of your raised MCHC, RDW and Haematocrit.


HI I have liver disease ( congenitical) they are not too bad and do vary. Have a retest in 3 months.However, have you had a diabetes test? Autoimmune and hormonal. Also B12, iron and ferritin. I would guess that you need to be also on T3 but you need the test.




Do you have a gallbladder problem? My ALT was very high after an attack, 340's, it was retested as my previous one was high at 120.

Not sure what it is now but I've had my gallbladder out now.

Pain can be worse than labour, but you can still have a problem if all you feel is a ache/fullness under your right shoulder blade.

Hope it helps


Thanks for responding about a year ago I had chronic upper right side pain and had a ultrasound on gallbladder and I think they did liver at same time they said it was all normal

Have had thyroid auto immune done both graves an hashi are postive I had a lot of hormone test done at the start because apparently you don't have leg pain when hyper LOL

Now know thAt isn't true after after reading msg on here

I'm not on t3 I thought that was for people who are hyper I know I am now but that's because I'm over medicated


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