any advice about going GF with hashis?


I was wondering if anyone had any tips for adopting a hashimoto's gluten free diet. I am on 100mcg of levo and have been for six months with no great improvement in health. My vitamin levels are fine and ferratin improving, but I still feel.... like a slug, I suppose. I thought I'd feel better than this (last test my TSH was 1.2). So, I am going to start eating meat (i'm veggie just now) and cut out gluten. How easy was it for you guys? Also, were you really strict (eg: not eating out at non GF restaurants). Also did you cut out soya? Thanks for your help!

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  • I found it relatively easy. I am strict as I can be, I don't eat out (back problems prevent me going out and the takeaway is now a thing of the past) - but I know many restaurants do offer gluten-free meals. Also have cut out soya (and corn/maize), again didn't find that hard, but you really do have to read every darn label. Worst time was Xmas because there was literally nothing I could buy that didn't have either gluten, corn or soya in it! For next Xmas I hope to have mastered a few gluten-free recipes so I can at least have some kind of treat!

    I make my own sourdough gluten-free bread. Bit of a learning curve on that one but worth it once you have the hang of it.

  • I have been on a very strict exclusion diet forever. Just do it but do it properly with no cheating. Then you will be able to be sure. For a lot of us it is essential and w e really are better. My xmas treats were a pineapple, a melon and raspberry panna cotta. Good luck.

  • thanks! Alright, I will do it properly. I just hope it makes a difference! Had antibiotics for my ear recently and feel like my body is struggling...

  • thanks for your reply. That sounds like it took some getting used to. I have seen some places offer gluten free options- I just can't imagine not going out anymore. I think i'll start slowly so I don't get overwhealmed...

  • Absolutely, take it slowly, don't put pressure on yourself otherwise you might not stick with it. It's a learning process, and listen to your body, it'll soon tell you if you're on the right track. :)

  • yes, I hope so. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  • Carluccio's have a special gf menu w a variety of good choices. When I was gf we ate there a fair bit. It helps you feel 'normal' as you don't have to go through all the things on the menu asking loads of questions.

    I'd keep an eye on what they serve you from the counter as I'm not sure they have equally good training in cross-contamination there as they have in the kitchen.

  • Thanks for the info! Yes, I will have to check labels. Your sourdough gf bread sounds lovely! I will try to cut out soya I think.. heard is wasn't good for hashi's. Yes, will need to think of alternatives in advance for Xmas: so many things aren't gf!

  • Test to exclude celiac before u begin it. Around one in 20 with Hashis are celiac. Then try for eight weeks or so, noting if symtoms improve, then try a slice of bread and see if you react.

    There's no point being g free if you are not either celiac or g sensitive, in my view.

  • That's interesting. I am not celiac or g sensitive! Do you still think I should go ahead and eliminate gluten then?

  • How do you know you are not g sensitive? Done the elimination trial? Personally I would not stop eating gluten unless I was one or the other.

  • My doctor tested me for celiac and it was negative. Ok, maybe it's not necessary after all. I had just heard that hashi's was helped by going gf?

  • celiac and gluten sensitive are two different conditions.

  • oh, I didn't know that! I haven't done an elimination trial...does that mean that I should cut out gluten and see how I feel? Thanks for the info.

  • Whether you're symptomatic or not it may benefit you if your antibodies are high. For some people it seems to have an inflammatory effect. If you try it and your antibodies are unaffected and you feel no difference you can go back to eating it with no regrets.

  • thanks for the tips puncturedbiccycle!

  • No worries. :-) It doesn't help everyone but if your ABs are high it's worth a go.

  • Loads out there on the internet. Check out Izabella Wentz - Dr Tom O'Bryan - Amy Myers and so on ..... You can sign up for their Newsletter and be kept ahead of new ideas :-)

  • Thanks so much!

  • I am vegetarian and have been gluten free for 4 months and I feel so much better. I started gradually by replacing gf alternatives one by one because I had tried just stopping eating gluten once before and gave up after 2 weeks.

    For the first week, once I was eating only non gluten foods, I had terrible bloating and wind. After that settled I gradually started to improve; I no longer had loose stools, foggy head, I have more energy and my mood has improved. I don't wake up in the night boiling hot with a racing heart.

    Last week I had gluten by mistake as the packet of Quorn pieces I had bought had gluten in (they do some that are gluten free but the packet looks the same) I didn't realise until I started to feel anxious, bad tempered, foggy thinking and loose stools the day after eating it. I checked the packet and realised my mistake so I do believe that it is the gf diet that is making a difference to me.

  • That must prove it works. Yes, I can totally relate to the bloating and wind and foggy head. And the racing heart as well! That's amazing that cutting out gluten helped. Sometimes I feel pregnant again, the bloating is so bad! So fed up of feeling lethargic. Glad you are feeling better now- I'll give it a shot and hope to have my symptoms go as well!

  • Hi I have celiac disease so only option for me is gluten free and i'm in the process of being diagnosed with hypothyroid(hashi's). I've been gluten free a year now and have found it relatively ok as I have always cooked my meals from scratch and now just adapt them accordingly eliminating anything gluten from them. There are some great gluten free cook books out there which I used at the beginning and my favourite food shop is M&S as many of their meals don't contain gluten even out with the GF section. I find the most difficult thing about being gluten free is eating out as I still find many restaurants that don't fully understand the health implications for me. Many occasions I've had to send food back as they have forgotten to remove foods with gluten for example gluten free soup however they had croutons. Quite frustrating! Walking past bakeries are hard I still miss doughnuts 😕 Very rarely eat anything with soya.

  • bakeries are my weak point as well.... The smell of freshly bakes cakes is so good, but I suppose it is worth giving up to feel better. Poor you being diagnosed with hashis and celiac as well. That is good news about M&S- I had no idea there was so many options there as we usually go to sainsburys. I feel better now to know that others have successfully managed ti do it! thanks.

  • thanks so much to everyone who replied xxx

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