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Hi all

I was diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis in February. Treatment with carb & beta blockers has massively reduced my levels & symptoms. I've also cut out gluten & am eating really healthily & taking supplements. The last two weeks I've been suffering from awful aches in my legs & arms. Can't work out if it's the joints or muscles....but it's getting me down & making me feel exhausted - it's a really sickening ache. Any clues if it's related to graves & my thyroid function? Anything I could do? (I've already started taking glucosamine) advise would be appreciated. X

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Hi - I don't know much about Graves, but aches & pains in limbs can be caused by low vit D and/or low magnesium. Because of the way the body works blood tests for magnesium are ineffective but most of us are deficient in it. Personally I take 2x200 magnesium citrate each evening, others use oils, sprays, soaks and other compounds. Vit D is toxic in overload so it would be better to have it tested before supplementing. It can often be added on to other tests or done separately via city assays. If you do have to supplement then it is important to also take vit k2-mk7 to direct increased calcium uptake to bones and teeth rather than soft tissue, also magensium would definitely then be required as it is a co-factor to D. Hypothyroid can also of itself cause aches and pains but I don't know if hyper has a similar effect. Of course there is the possibility that your carb has now driven you into hypo.


Thanks Gillian - thanks for reply. - are vitamin deficiency tested with normal bloods from GP? Or special tests? X

Hi - GP can test vit D but anecdotally they have become more reluctant to do so recently. This after all the stories in the press about the topic and presumed subsequent overload of requests from the so-called "worried well" for tests. If they won't test you then I believe it is around £28 with city assays (private tests through NHS lab). If you do get a result then come back and post results as optimal level is fairly high and GPs are prone to under-treat.

Good luck


Thanks - I'd be delighted if it was just another supplement to take....ill ask about the test x

I have Graves' disease and was tested by the consultant for vit d. I was deficient. The consultant advised the GP to give me the loading dose for 12 weeks (she gave the GP 3 options of drugs to use) then 800 mg 2 daily as a maintenance dose.

THE GP - ignored the consultant and gave me a different drug for 7 weeks not 12 then told me to buy the maintenance ones over the counter!

I'd be tempted to ask your consultant for deficiency tests, i.e., vit d, b12 & folate at the very least.

Can I also say this. Do your research and find out everything you can about Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. Start taking selenium. You need to become the expert as GPS generally know little about it. I worked in general practice and we had about 150 patients on our list on thyroxine for under active, but only one patient in the whole practice who was hyperthyroid. GPs don't see it often and unless you've got a really great GP you have to have the knowledge of your disease so that you can tell them what they need to be doing.

Good luck x

Thanks Gretna. I've been reading loads - gone gluten free & tried to cut back sugar /caffine etc. taking selenium & b12 & glucosamine & C....but not d. Is it worth doing that independently via health food shop rather than via GP? X

I would ask the GP before going private. Tell them it's very common for people with Graves to be vit d deficient.

Avoid RAI, it can worsen thyroid eye disease or contribute towards it. If the tablets don't work, I'm opting for total thyroidectomy. I don't have eye symptoms yet and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm sure you feel the same.

I SO want to avoid RAD / surgery & eye disease!!!

I'd do anything to avoid them....just wish that there was a magic wand!

Hope you're feeling ok - Keep in touch x

You and me both. Avoidance is the way forward! LOL! If only it were possible! There's some good research happening right now so hopefully a cure will be found soon and we both won't have to deal with TED.

Desperately want to avoid RAD.....any top tips very welcome! X

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