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Hypothyroidism & Ceoliac Disease

If I cut out gluten completely from my diet, how long can I expect to wait before I start seeing improvements in my health - even with other underlying autoimmune diseases being investigated?

Also my blood test earlier on in the year was negative for ceoliac but as I don't eat much gluten my consultant said this was normal. Rather than eat 4 slices of bread for 6 weeks to get a diagnosis would a biopsy be a better alternative? As I'm concerned eating that much gluten to get a diagnosis could have serious consequences to my health if ceoliac is the cause to my present symptoms.

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Given that grains are supposed to be seasonal and form only a minor part of our diet, it's no wonder that many people react to them even if they only do so marginally. The question you must ask is 'do i want a diagnosis or a cure?'

If you are after a 'diagnosis' then its the 6 slices of bread, if you want to experiment in trying to improve your condition then just stop. Wheat and dairy are commonly associated with autoimmune conditions as well as fluctuating blood sugar levels and fluctuating insulin levels.

Control you blood sugar with a ketogenic diet or paleo diet and many of the symptoms just go away. This may not be a 'cure' but it is a good working principle. In autoimmune there is so much you can do that is basic and easy to help create health.

Good luck.



However surely a biopsy would provide a diagnosis without having to eat the recommended amount of gluten required for a blood test? Then a diagnosis & cure would be found?

But if someone like myself is being investigated for several autoimmune diseases getting a diagnosis for all your symptoms helps as you know what your dealing with and can address & treat all diseases?


Its a mistake to think of your physiology as 'little compartments' you are the sum of your whole. Even if you have a biopsy the cure is still not eating gluten. We don't actually need grains in our diet.

The biopsy will only work when the tissue is in a reactive state...... Hence the need for lots of bread, if you eat bread and feel ill, that's actually an experiment and you may well found your answer.

The easiest thing is to vote with your feet or in this case your stomach.


All disease can be treated the same, thru gut healing and dietary change, mostly. If you are talking about mainstream medicine, then a biopsy, diagnosis and cure..are not going to happen. They don't work that way. They know very little, only about which drugs to prescribe to weaken your immune system or cover up the symptoms, while the disease progresses.


can you recommend a good website, for info on easy to understand instructions for the keto. diet, please?



website no, books yes.

New Atkins: New You by Dr Erick Westman

Cantin Diet by Elain Cantin

The Science of Ageing Backwards: ReGeneration-X by Elizabeth Bright, Roderick Lane (of course i favour mine!).


Try going g free for at least six weeks, very strictly, then eat some gluten and watch for reactions. The effect of going off gluten can be subtle. For example, I think my brain fog and permanent sinusitis went as a result, but it is hard to be sure. I definitely react to it though. You may be gluten intolerant, rather than celiac .. that's an immune, rather than an auto immune reaction to the stuff.

Personally I wouldn't put myself through a biopsy.

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I am doing the same but no biopsy just the test kit to see if any reduction in the antibodies before resuming. So far only done 10 days, however, I bought an M & S gluten free sandwich today and it contained vinegar!!! I believe I read somewhere that eating gluten can then put you back six months!


So long as it was wine vinegar not malt it would be fine. If M&S say it is g free it will be g free. Don't worry too much, we all make mistakes and eat gluten without realising it all the time. If you look hard, you will get there, and heal.



I have emailed M & S and will see what they say. All it said was vinegar on the ingredients. Anyway yesterday I did a really silly thing, I had got up early and was going to visit my daughter and I felt a bit peckish on the train and munched my way through a very small packet of Nairns Snackers. I had got them in the free from aisle in Sainsbury. I was just folding up the packet to throw in the bin and there on the bottom in caps NOT GLUTEN FREE. I hadn't even noticed it wasn't that clear and am puzzled because the porridge oats I buy are Nairns gluten free. Was a bit peed off to be honest.


Getting a coeliac diagnosis is not necessarily straightforward, even with an endoscopy

I had absolutely no symptoms of gut or gluten issues. I have Hashi. But, in desperation because I was struggling to walk, in spring this year tried gluten free. Almost immediately felt an improvement in myself (though initially it made legs & walking even worse)

Gastroenterologist insistant I should NOT go back on gluten, as my walking was so bad. Had a private endoscopy about 4 weeks after going GF (NHS wait was too long) results of that and the biopsies inconclusive as to coeliac or not. Definitely diagnosed as gluten intolerant and told to keep off gluten. Possibly silent coeliac.

Having DNA tests soon. This will still not conclusively prove it is coeliac, only if DNA test is negative, it will then prove that it's "just" gluten intolerance.

Walking slowly improving being gluten free plus also on high Vit D3, magnesium, selenium, B complex and B12, vitamin C with zinc and K2 as well 😃

For first time since starting Levo over twenty years ago, I don't feel ill. Now .......Just waiting for my legs to catch it with the rest of me


I refused to allow my daughter to gluten herself for a test! It is best to do as naturopath says..cut gluten and ALL grains and all Dairy and this could put ALL autoimmune issues into remission...autoimmune disease is a body's reaction to


Yeah, that's why it is so important to do a celiac test before going g free, if you can ... those of us off gluten rarely want to go through gluten hell later to find out if celiac is the problem.


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