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Thyroid result drastic change in TSH gone from 3.00 to 0.77 in 3 months

I wonder if any one can help my thyroid was higher in March at 3.00, I

went to see DR B and have been on NDT since my TSH result came back this week at 0.77 . I am taking that as a good thing, but is that just through changing meds or is there something else to look at.. My Vitamin D has gone up from 41 - 51 taking supplements daily .

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There's no problem, Amanda, TSH is supposed to come down when taking thyroid replacement. Have you noticed any improvement in symptoms?

Your vitD is still very low. What supplements are you taking?


wow i thought that was correct, I was on levo 75 for 3 years at TSH was going up, am now on 2 grains of Armour, I take two tablets a day for Vitamin D I cant find the box that give the amount. other supplements that I take are Iron, Vit 6, primrose oil, omega three and zinc at the moment. thank you in advance


Amanda, it looks like you were undermedicated on 75mcg T4. 2 grains is roughly equivalent to 150mcg T4.


Thank you for the conversion that sounds good. my normal gp wanted to give me 150 mcg of levo. but i made the decision to change to NDT due to the other effects it was having on me. I am feeling so much better in my self for being on NDT am not sleeping all day, body does not ache and my head has cleared from the foggyness. what ere the levels Vit D should be do you know?

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Amanda, vitamin D should be high in the optimal range 75-200.



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